5 common symptoms for anxiety

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5 common symptoms for anxiety

Mental health always existed but we never paid much attention to it. For the last 2 years, we have been hearing a lot about mental health and anxiety. Because during the pandemic a lot was happening and it took a toll on everyone's mental health. From losing jobs to losing loved ones Covid affected us mentally and physically. Also, we never got time. We were busy socialising and working. So, when the country was locked we got to know the stress that we carried within us and how conveniently we were able to ignore it. With anxiety comes depression, poor quality of life, insomnia, problems at work and lack of concentration.

Here are  5 common symptoms of Anxiety :

  • Sweating : People suffering from anxiety can have a certain kind of fear resulting in sweaty hands and body. 
  • Increase in heart rate : Anxiety patients often tend to be in panic mode resulting in higher heart rate.
  • Trembling : With fear comes trembling hence sometimes they find it difficult to stay physically  stable.
  • Rapid Breathing : Because of panic, higher heart rate the body requires more oxygen leading to rapid breathing. 
  • Problem in sleeping : The stress and panic in the body disturbs the sleep cycle. 

If anxiety comes in the way of your daily schedule and function. If it is difficult to manage your anxiety. If it leads to physical health problems or if you have any kind of suicidal thoughts then you must visit a doctor and take medical help. Ignoring it can further lead to trauma, depression and other mental illnesses.


Things that can make you feel better:

  • Eating balanced diet 
  • Limiting Alcohol
  • Exercising 
  • Seeking medical help
  • Getting enough rest 
  • Follow your hobbies that will help you stay positive
  • Trying breathing exercises 
  • Comfortable conversations
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