5 reasons why sleep is important! Indian Women must know these!

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5 reasons why sleep is important! Indian Women must know these!

Sleeping well at night is essential for maintaining excellent health. Actually, both a good diet and exercise are equally important. When you woke up tired and feeling low you must have wondered if why sleep is important! Although the amount for sleep requirements are different for different people and also depends on many factors, but the majority of individuals need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep at night. It's crucial that you focus and safeguard your sleep every day since sleep deprivation might jeopardise your health and safety.

Good sleep is important for Mental health

Sleeping problems and poor sleep quality are often related to mental health issues including depression. It's crucial to talk with your healthcare provider if you have difficulties sleeping and discover your mental health has gotten worse.

Maintain or may aid in weight loss 


A shorter sleep duration is linked to a higher risk of weight gain and obesity. Lack of sleep may make you more hungry and consume more calories. You're more prone to consume sugary and fatty meals.

May increase productivity and focus

Different parts of brain function depend on sleep. A good night's sleep can improve memory and problem-solving abilities. On the other hand, insufficient sleep has been linked to worse cognition and judgement.

Steadier blood sugar

Do you know that your blood glucose levels tend to decrease when you enter the deep phase of sleep. Not getting enough sleep will affect how your body makes certain hormones which in turn affect your blood glucose levels. Sleep deprivation can also decrease insulin sensitivity which alters the glucose metabolism.

Sleep Strengthens Memory


Your mind continues to be active when you sleep even while your body receives the necessary rest. Actually, it's analysing and compiling your daily recollections. Who knows what happens to those memories if you don't get enough sleep. Or even worse, your mind could invent fictitious memories.

Sleep hygiene is one of the foundations of health, along with proper nutrition and exercise.

Numerous detrimental health consequences, such as an increased risk of heart disease, depression, weight gain, inflammation, and illness, are linked to sleep deprivation. Although every person has different sleeping demands, the majority of studies point to 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night as the magic number for good health. It's time to prioritise your sleep, just as you would your diet and exercise.

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