5 signs of vitamin deficiency in women

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5 signs of vitamin deficiency in women

A well-balanced and healthy diet offers several advantages. Contrarily, a nutrient-poor diet may cause a variety of unfavourable symptoms. These indications are your body's method of alerting you to possible vitamin and mineral shortages. Recognizing them will allow you to modify your diet properly.

  • Brittle hair and nails

Brittle hair and nails can be caused by a number of circumstances. One of them is a deficiency in biotin. Biotin, often known as vitamin B7, helps the body convert food into energy.Biotin deficiency is extremely rare, but when it does develop, the most apparent signs are brittle nails, Hair fall, or splitting of hair.

  • Mouth ulcers or fissures in the mouth's corners 

An inadequate intake of specific vitamins or minerals may be partially responsible for lesions in and around the mouth. 

Oral ulcers, often known as canker sores, are usually caused by iron or B vitamin deficiencies.

  • Gum bleeding 

A hard teeth brushing approach is sometimes to blame for bleeding gums, but a diet weak in vitamin C might also be to blame. Vitamin C is essential for wound repair and immunity, and it also functions as an antioxidant, preventing cell damage.

  • Night vision problems and white growths on the eyes 

A nutrient-deficient diet can occasionally lead to eyesight difficulties. 


Low vitamin A consumption, for example, is frequently connected to night blindness, a disorder that impairs an individual's ability to see in low - light conditions or darkness. 

This is because vitamin A is required for the production of rhodopsin, a pigment located in the retina of the eye of the eyes that aids in night vision.

  • Dry and damaged hair 

If you have unhealthy, dry hair, your body may be low in vitamin B7, often known as Biotin. Biotin is a vitamin that helps to nourish your hair. Low biotin levels result in dandruff-ridden, dry hair. Aside from that, it may cause brittle nails and hair loss.

A diet deficient in vitamins and minerals can result in a variety of illnesses, some of which are more prevalent than others. Increasing your consumption of foods high in the necessary vitamins and minerals can often help resolve or significantly lessen your symptoms.Always consult a doctor before taking any supplements.

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