5 superfoods to eat during periods!

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5 super foods to eat during periods?

A number of stereotypes are frequently associated with periods, including feeling lethargic, getting mood swings, eating chocolate, and a general need for comfort. There is another tactic you may use in addition to finding this solace in a nice movie, a sleep, or a snack you've been yearning for. The key to truly feeling your best on your periods may lie in providing your body with the right nutrition it requires. Here are few foods that will help you ease your period discomfort.

Dark chocolate

You don’t need another justification to indulge in some chocolate. For a variety of factors, it's unquestionably among the most well-liked foods to consume during your period. Dark chocolate, which is high in magnesium and antioxidants, is a wonderful comfort food. Opt for simple dark chocolate rather than elaborate candies loaded with chemicals and other components. These have little to no nutritional value and just provide empty calories.



Oranges, lemons, and limes, which are rich in fibre and vitamin C and can help with bloating and mood swings, are a wise substitute for sugary snacks. They also help to keep you hydrated because of their high water content. Reduce PMS-related nausea and exhaustion with a glass of lemon water or a citrus smoothie (lightly sweetened or unsweetened). The secret to receiving a boost of energy without making your stomach uncomfortable is, moderation.


Egg yolks are full of vital fatty acids, protein, B vitamins, iron, and other minerals that help with PMS. Hard-boiled eggs, on the other hand, might produce gas, bloating, and heartburn if you have a sensitive stomach.

Leafy Green Veggies

When you're on your period, your iron levels often decline, especially if your menstrual flow is heavy. Dizziness, weariness, and physical discomfort may result from this. Your iron levels may be increased by eating leafy greens veggies like kale and spinach. Magnesium is also abundant in spinach.



Yeast infections are common during or after periods. Yogurt is a probiotic-rich meal that can feed the "good" bacteria in your vagina and may aid in the prevention of yeast infections if you are prone to getting them. Magnesium and other necessary elements, including calcium, are also abundant in yoghurt.

While certain meals might help you feel better during your period, others can make your symptoms worse. Your individual symptoms and dietary sensitivities will have a major impact on the foods you decide to consume or avoid.

If your period pain is too intense to tolerate and it affects your daily activities, see a doctor. This might be an indication of a more significant health issue.

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