5 things you need to manage PCOS the right way

5 things you need to manage PCOS the right way

In recent years there has been a lot of research around how to manage PCOS. All evidence suggests that PCOS is different for different women, and there has to be a personalised journey for the unique symptoms of each person. However, in India, this personalised care is hard to find. 1 in 5 women in India have PCOS but it remains one of the most misdiagnosed conditions in India. Women, on average, change at least 3-4 doctors before finding the right fit.

The constant follow-ups, searching through multiple platforms for experts, finding generalised advice on social media platforms- all this takes time, money and a deep lack of motivation. This is exactly how the Gytree subscription is helping you manage PCOS. We put customisation and convenience at the centre of your treatment.

Here are 5 doctor-backed ways to manage PCOS in the right way for sustainable results:

1. Food habits to manage insulin resistance, but without short fad diets:

Are you tired of strict diets that make you feel hungry and unsatisfied? Are you tired of being told that only eating organic produce will be beneficial for your PCOS? Time to shed these myths. The only real requirement for PCOS diet is to manage carb and protein proportions to prevent an insulin spike, have easy to digest food so that your gut can heal and eat more fruits and vegetables which make your diet dense with nutrients which improve your metabolism, skin and hair.

5 things you need to manage PCOS the right way

The Gytree experts create diet plans that are satisfying, with ingredients that are easy to procure, but in proportions and combinations that help your hormonal health.

2. Reduced stress and anxiety:

Prolonged stress leads to the release of the cortisol hormone. This impacts our overall hormonal balance and has a more negative effect on PCOS. But, aren’t we all tired of hearing generic advice like “oh just stop thinking so much”, or “think positive, stress happens to everyone so be strong”. Sometimes we all need help to work through our emotions. That’s why, the Gytree subscription gives you 8 sessions with a counsellor so that you can discuss any stress at the workplace, with family or others.

3. Move more:

It’s time to ditch generic advice like “take at least 10,000 steps in a day”, or “do 25 surya namaskars everyday”. It is easy to lose motivation with regular exercise if we are not doing something we don’t enjoy. So the exercise coaches in the Gytree subscription help with personalised guidance on how to “move more”. It can be 3000 steps per day and 15 mins of yoga, or 20 mins of brisk walking and 10 mins of HIIT.

5 things you need to manage PCOS the right way

We start with what you are comfortable with, and help you with baby steps. That’s what helps release those endorphins, the hormones that reduce stress and make you feel positive. With this regular, practical discipline, you improve your gut, metabolism, fatigue and overall menstrual health.

4. Don’t ignore skin and hair problems, but dig deeper:

Acne and hair fall are two of the most common symptoms of PCOS. If you are struggling with this, don’t just rely on cosmetic changes. Focus on healing your skin and hair beyond changing your shampoos and lotions. The Gytree dermat works in close coordination with our nutritionist so that your treatment can be holistic.

5 things you need to manage PCOS the right way

5. Monitor regularly to manage PCOS:

With PCOS, you always have to check associated issues like Vitamin D, thyroid, cholesterol, mineral levels and more. Gytree’s at-home Lab Tests make this convenient. Not only that, our experts give you a consultation right after, so you can actually understand what your blood test reports mean.

PCOS is not just about your periods. It also affects your gut, skin, hair, emotional health, bones, liver and so much more. And that’s exactly what the Gytree Subscription helps you with. We treat the “whole you”. We take care of sleep, digestion, fatigue, hormones and your complete wellness.

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Disclaimer – This information is provided for educational purposes and should not be used as medical advice. Please consult with your healthcare practitioners before undertaking any changes in your diet or adding supplements.