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How to achieve sustainable weight loss?

We often ask ourselves, "Am I healthy enough, do I really need to work on my health or my weight? Or at times we often ignore the signs and symptoms our body is telling us that something is troubling our health or we need to work and prioritise our health. Sustainable weight loss is the key to a healthy weight loss journey.

Let’s define Overweight and Obesity.

The terms ‘obesity’ and ‘overweight’ are often used interchangeably. However, there is a distinct difference between the two. Overweight refers to an excess body weight that includes fat, bone, muscle, and body water, whereas obesity is the excessive accumulation of adipose tissue to an extent that health is impaired.

Does Sustainable Weight loss Impact Our Health?


Being overweight, obese or thin is not a disease in itself but that being said anything that is in excess or anything that is lacking has a tendency to impact the normal functioning of your body. Healthy body weight supports processes like digestion, metabolism, absorption, preventing or reducing the risk of getting lifestyle disorders. Sustainable weight loss can help to manage all these issues effectively. Certain severe health condition like fatty liver, cardiovascular diseases etc.

How to achieve sustainable weight loss?

Often times we set our weight management goals and do several things to achieve it. We start seeing results but either we lack in consistency or the results are very temporary and we often gain back the lost weight quickly and also in higher numbers. That’s where sustainable weight loss comes into the picture.

At times weight loss plateau is also seen which means your body has lost quite a weight and now your weight is not moving. There are many reasons for being stuck on weight or unachieved weight loss goals like following a very restrictive diet, not moving enough, not taking care of your stress and sleep levels, hormonal issues etc.

But once you know the reason for your stuck weight or unachieved weight loss goals let’s shift the focus on guidelines to achieve a successful and sustainable weight loss.

  1. Keep a check on what you are eating :- Always notice your food plate, and see how much variations are there in your plate, what are the different food groups you are seeing in your plate and which food group is in the highest quantity, don’t just eat to fill the stomach but eat to strengthen, to give right nutrients and power to your body which always comes with variations.
  2. Notice the amounts of fat:- Try to notice or keep a check on your total fat consumption which not only means the ghee and oils you add in preparing your meals but also the dairy products like whole milk or products made using whole milk as they are high in fat and cholesterol content which can impact your weight. Try to switch to low fat, low calorie dairy products to see the better results.
  3. Eat frequently and slowly :- We often focus only on eating healthy but besides this how we eat and how frequently we eat also impacts our health. Eating frequently prevents hunger pangs and the binges that follow, provides consistent energy, and may be the single most effective way to maintain metabolism efficiency. Eating slowly gives our bodies time to tell us they are full before we have eaten more than what we need.
  4. Choose fish and poultry:- Eat fish and poultry more than red or processed meats, organ meats etc because they are less fattening and atherogenic. Eat more of Egg whites than whole eggs as they are high in fat content but don’t completely eliminate the yolks but try to maintain a balance.
  5. Include adequate fiber in your diet:- It helps in giving satiety and also aids in building excess fat and excreting out. It is found in green leafy vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, oilseeds and whole grain foods. 
  6. Choose fresh foods over packaged:- Always try to eat or choose fresh and local foods over packaged canned foods or ready to eat foods because they are not processed or don’t have any preservatives which can affect your health.
  7. Physical Activity equally matters:- Many a times we only focus only on eating clean and balanced meal but how active we are, how many calories we are burning also is a very important factor in weight loss but no matter how eat you clean if you are not burning enough, it will store as fat in your body. Try to adapt to an active lifestyle and invest at least 45 minutes a day in doing a physical workout of your choice.
  8. Change your routine:- Don’t just stick to one type of diet or workout regime, as our body gets used to 1 type of regime very quickly, it needs some change and some shock every time to show you the desired results. So try different eating patterns and introduce yourself to new workout, change the timing and the workout duration too.
  9. Talk to an expert: Right guidance from an expert and personalised diet plan according to your lifestyle and dietary choices can help you lose weight effectively. Explore Gytree’s “Sustainable Weight Loss 6 week program” to know more.
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