Are you iron deficient? Here are 5 common signs of iron deficiency!

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Are you iron deficient? Here are 5 common signs of iron deficiency!

Iron deficiency occurs when there is insufficient iron in our blood. Iron deficiency usually causes Anaemia. It is a very common health issue among women. The average daily iron intake from foods and supplements is 21 mg. Iron helps in transporting healthy oxygen to the body. And lack of iron can complicate the functioning of  several body parts.

There are 2 types of Iron 

- Heme Iron 

- Non-Heme Iron 

We get Heme Iron from animal sources and Non-Heme from plants. In our country iron deficiency is very common . If iron deficiency is not treated for long it can lead to anaemia and can cause problems in pregnancy. Also, women lose a lot of blood that includes iron, every month, during menstruation. When people talk about lack of blood they usually refer to deficiency of iron.  The reason why iron deficiency is a leading disease,  is the  lack of awareness about  its nutritional value. 

Here are a 5 common signs that indicate iron deficiency:

1. Pale skin : When your body lacks iron it also lacks haemoglobin. The haemoglobin is the reason behind blood being red. So low levels of iron in your blood can make your skin appear pale and lose its warmth.

2. Dizziness : Iron deficiency causes a lot of symptoms which also includes dizziness, fatigue, extreme exhaustion and cold hands and feets. The reason behind dizziness is lack of oxygen which is caused by deficiency of iron. 

3. Hair loss : It is common to lose around 50-100 strands of hair everyday but if you are losing handfuls of hair, you can suspect that there’s something wrong with your health . If the hair isn’t growing back causing baldness,  this might be an indication of  iron deficiency.

4. Pica : If you crave for non food substances like soil, chalk or clay then you are suffering from a condition called pica. And it is inadvisable to eat these substances as they are toxic and can cause indigestion. If you consume these substances to soothe your cravings it can further interfere with iron absorption in the body.

5. Fast heartbeat or shortness of breath : can occur frequently to a person suffering from Iron deficiency. 

If you notice these signs make sure you visit a lab or clinic and get your blood tested. If you are prescribed iron tablets make sure to follow the doctor’s guidelines. Iron deficiency can be easily treated with the help of medicine and change in diet.Some foods that you should include in your diet to avoid deficiency of Iron are beef, liver, oysters, dark leafy greens, and spinach.

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