Breast Cancer Awareness month: Why Indian women need to know about breast cancer!

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Breast Cancer Awareness month

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among women in India and one women gets diagnosed with breast cancer every 4 minutes in India. The greatest approach to detect breast cancer early—before it becomes large enough to feel or cause symptoms—and when it is simpler to treat—is with a mammogram and monthly self breast examination. There are several breast cancer symptoms, and some patients have none at all. Some signs include—

  • any alteration to the breast's size or form.
  • any breast region might experience pain.
  • nipple discharge not related to breastfeeding (including blood).
  • a new breast or underarm bump.

Birth control pill usage, hormone therapy beyond menopause, being overweight or obese, and not exercising are a few examples of risk factors that are lifestyle-related. Women need to be aware of all of the risk variables. Having one or more lifestyle factors does not guarantee a woman will have breast cancer. For those over whom they have control, they must adopt risk-reducing lifestyle choices.

Breast Cancer Awareness month

The ultimate goal of the breast cancer awareness month is mainly to raise public knowledge and lessen the stigma associated with the disease's signs and treatments. Supporters of the cause expect that by educating the public about the symptoms of breast cancer, more people will become aware of the illness, which will result in earlier identification and better treatment options for the affected women. The most well-known breast cancer awareness emblem is the pink ribbon, and October is designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in several nations. Corporate sponsorships provide significant financial assistance to several national breast cancer groups.

Every woman should be aware of how her breasts typically feel and look so she can spot any changes that might take place. A woman should still have her routine mammograms and clinical breast examinations even if knowing what to look for is vital since these exams can help diagnose breast cancer before a woman ever exhibits symptoms. 

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