Breast cancer: Important precautions for Indian women.

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Breast cancer: Important precautions

If you're worried that you could have breast cancer, you may be asking if there are any precautions you can do to lessen your risk. Certain risk factors, including family medical history, are unavoidable. You may reduce your risk by altering your lifestyle, though. According to research, even among high-risk women, changing one's lifestyle can lower the chance of developing breast cancer. Reduce your risk by:

Consuming too much alcohol

There is no doubt that drinking alcohol increases your chance of developing breast cancer. According to the quantity of alcohol consumed, the risk rises. A higher chance of developing various cancers is also associated with alcohol.

Being fat or overweight


Following menopause, breast cancer risk is increased by being overweight or obese. Prior to menopause, a woman's ovaries produce the majority of her oestrogen, with adipose tissue producing the remainder. Most oestrogen after menopause originates from adipose tissue. Increased oestrogen levels and an increased risk of breast cancer can result from having greater fat tissue after menopause.

Not having breastfed before

Breastfeeding may lower your chance of getting breast cancer, particularly if you did it for a year or more. One of the numerous advantages of breastfeeding is the decrease of breast cancer.

Oral contraceptives or hormonal pills

Hormones are used in several birth control pills, which may raise the risk of breast cancer. Skin patches, vaginal rings, vaginal implants, intrauterine devices (IUDs), These birth control methods also employ hormones, which theoretically might promote the development of breast cancer.

Avoid smoking


Smoking results in the development of at least 15 different malignancies, including breast cancer, in addition to its many other negative health effects. As quickly as possible, try to quit smoking. Almost never is it too late to apply for benefits.

Breast cancer: Important precautions

A nutritious diet may lower your chance of developing some cancers, as well as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Keeping a balanced and healthy weight is essential for a healthy body. You must do a monthly self breast examination. Consult your doctor if you detect any alterations in your breasts, including a new lump or skin changes. Inquire with your doctor about the best time to start mammograms and other tests according to your medical history.

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