Breast cancer is not deadly, if only! Important measures for Indian women!

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Breast cancer is not deadly, if only!

Mutations, which are alterations in the genes that control cell development, are what lead to cancer. The cells can expand and divide uncontrollably. Breast cancer is a kind of cancer that starts in breast tissue. Typically, breast ducts or lobules are where breast cancer first appears.

Milk is produced by lobules, which are glands, and is transported to the nipple via ducts, which are passageways. Moreover, cancer can develop in the fatty or fibrous connective tissue of the breast. The cancer cells can spread to the lymph nodes beneath the arms and frequently infect neighbouring healthy breast tissue. The lymph nodes provide the cancer with a conduit to other bodily areas once it has entered there. Early-stage breast cancer may go unnoticed. A mammography may often detect an anomaly even when a tumour is too tiny to be felt. The first indication of a tumour, if one can be felt, is typically a new, nonexistent lump in the breast. But not every lump is cancer.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, having routine tests, and taking any preventative actions your doctor prescribes can all help decrease your chance of developing breast cancer, even if there are certain risk factors you can't control. Although early detection won't prevent you from developing breast cancer, it can improve your prognosis. Find out from your doctor how frequently you should have a mammogram. Getting routine ultrasounds might be helpful if you have thick breasts.

Making lifestyle changes might be beneficial as well. These consist of:

  • Reduce or give up alcohol use.
  • Take into account reducing your nicotine or cigarette use.
  • Adopt a healthy diet and workout routine.

Breast tissue cell mutations are the root cause of breast cancer. Breast cancer risk factors include genetics, environmental chemicals, and lifestyle factors, although no definitive cause has been established. Make informed decisions to lower your chance of developing breast cancer. Among them include refraining from smoking and drinking, as well as keeping a healthy weight.

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