Cancer Survivors- 5 Big Names in Bollywood who battled the “deadly C”

Cancer is a dreaded enemy known to have set its gaze on humans for quite some time now. Here are the stories of 5 famous Bollywood celebrities who have courageously fought this disease with their strength and resilience.

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Cancer Survivors- 5 Big Names in Bollywood who courageously battled the “deadly C”

In the vibrant world of Bollywood, where stories of love, courage, and hope unfold on the silver screen, there exists a more profound tale of bravery of cancer survivors behind the scenes. Amidst the glitz and glamour, some of India's beloved actors have faced a formidable enemy- Cancer.

Brave Cancer Survivors

Let us take a closer look at the heartfelt journeys of these cancer survivors as they confronted this illness, uncertainty, and fear, yet emerged as symbols of strength, resilience, and hope. Through their inspiring stories, we witness the power of love, the strength of the human spirit, and the triumph of the human heart in the face of adversity. Let us read the journeys of these solid women cancer survivors and derive inspiration!

Cancer Survivors- 5 Big Names in Bollywood who courageously battled the “deadly C”

Tahira Kashyap

Tahira Kashyap Khurrana, a filmmaker and author, also the wife of actor Ayushmann Khurrana, and one of the cancer survivors in Bollywood has been candid about her journey battling breast cancer, striving tirelessly to raise awareness. Her diagnosis came in 2018, revealing she had DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) in her right breast, a precancerous stage with malignant cells multiplying in a contained area.

In an Instagram post, Tahira shared her perspective, emphasizing her mastectomy as a catalyst for self-love and personal growth. She embraced her bald look post-chemotherapy sessions, symbolizing resilience and defiance against the "C-word" disease. Tahira's bold poses exuded confidence as one of the cancer survivors, as she expressed liberation from societal beauty norms.

During Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, Tahira emphasized the importance of self-examinations in detecting cancer early. Her heartfelt message urged individuals to prioritize self-care and not ignore warning signs. Drawing from her own experience, she emphasized the significance of seeking medical advice promptly, irrespective of age or apprehensions. Talk to our Gytree Experts in Lifestyle for a consultation about your health concerns.

On the occasion of World Cancer Day 2024, Ayushman Khurana shared a series of photos, celebrating the inspiring journey of his wife. Alongside the photos, Khurrana penned, "The girl I fell for over samosas and chai at hut number 14 in Panjab University. Completely enamoured by your heart and spirit”.

Cancer Survivors- 5 Big Names in Bollywood who courageously battled the “deadly C”

Sonali Bendre 

Sonali Bendre has been vocal about her journey battling cancer and her subsequent recovery. Following her diagnosis of metastatic cancer in 2018, Bendre underwent extensive treatment in both New York and Mumbai, including rounds of chemotherapy and surgery.

In January 2019, she shared the heartening news that she was in remission and had returned to India. Bendre attributes her recovery to the invaluable support from her friends and family, as well as the access to excellent medical care.

Throughout her journey, Bendre has stressed the importance of maintaining a positive outlook and drawing strength from within during challenging times. Despite the ordeal, she has resumed her professional endeavours and remains active, using her platform to raise awareness about cancer and offer inspiration to others facing similar battles.

Sonali's openness about her diagnosis on social media sparked widespread attention and led to increased awareness and testing rates for the disease. Despite doctors initially giving her a slim chance of survival at just 30%, Sonali's resilience and determination have been instrumental in her remarkable journey towards becoming one of the cancer survivors in Bollywood.

Manisha Koirala


On National Cancer Awareness Day, one of the cancer survivors in BTown, Manisha Koirala took to Instagram to reflect on her challenging journey through cancer treatment. Sharing poignant pictures from her time undergoing treatment, she paid tribute to those who lost their lives in the battle against the disease. "We need to raise awareness about this illness, and every story filled with hope must be shared and echoed. Let us show kindness to ourselves and the world." she expressed.

Diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012, Manisha underwent a prolonged battle before being declared cancer-free by 2015. Spending six months in the US for treatment, she underwent a transformative experience that profoundly changed her perspective. In 2018, she reflected on how the diagnosis and treatment to becoming one of the cancer survivors, reshaped her outlook on life. "When I emerged from this phase, I cherished every moment of joy. I found delight in simple pleasures like walking on grass, feeling the breeze on my face, gazing at the sky and clouds, and witnessing sunsets and sunrises. I began to appreciate the small things, uncertain whether I would be alive to experience them the next day," she shared.

Cancer Survivors- 5 Big Names in Bollywood who courageously battled the “deadly C”

Kirron Kher

Kirron Kher, one of the cancer survivors in the industry, diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer, bravely shares insights into her health journey, acknowledging the challenges while maintaining her resilience in the face of adversity. Despite feeling less optimistic, she continues to persevere, remaining committed to her work. "This is life," she reflects, recognizing the difficulty of her situation, undergoing treatment fraught with side effects.

While grappling with the uncertainties of her condition, Kirron admits the lack of concrete answers in medical science regarding the cause of cancer. "It's not an ideal situation, but this is life," she remarks, resigned to the reality of her circumstances. Despite the uncertainty, she remains determined to confront her illness head-on, recognizing the importance of treatment despite its challenges.

Acknowledging her wavering positivity, Kirron embraces this phase of her life, recognizing it as part of her journey. Grateful for the outpouring of love and support from well-wishers, she expresses heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and care she has received. "I am touched by the love and kindness extended to me. 

Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray, diagnosed with cancer of the plasma of the bone marrow, reflected on her journey with poignant words: "'How are you still standing?' That's what my doctor asked, seeing my critically low red blood cell count. To keep your iron levels at optimal, visit the Gytree Shop for Iron gummies and other such nutrient-packed supplements.

It was a moment of reckoning. Months of fatigue led to a diagnosis- cancer of the bone marrow's plasma. For the first time in years, I paused. I had been living a life split between the red carpet and a yearning for spiritual peace, dreaming of writing a book amidst the chaos of work."

"Cancer changed everything," Lisa shared, recounting the surreal experience of her stem cell surgery, feeling the proximity to death and subsequent rebirth. "It made me value life in ways I never imagined. Sharing my journey through a blog was cathartic, breaking the silence around cancer in South Asian cultures. Acceptance became our collective source of courage."

Post-treatment, Lisa faced discrimination, losing her job as a host on a travel channel due to her hair loss from chemotherapy. "I tried wearing a wig once, but it felt absurd. So, I shed it all, embracing baldness as my liberation. Yet, the media's response was not always kind. Despite my 'chemo cut,' the channel replaced me, insisting on a host with 'long' hair. It was a heart-wrenching moment," she revealed, underlining the societal pressures and stigma surrounding cancer survivors.

Despite facing discrimination and societal pressures, the unwavering authenticity and courage of these cancer survivors have inspired countless individuals to confront their battles with courage and resilience. They have shattered taboos surrounding cancer, paving the way for greater awareness and acceptance. This World Cancer Day, As we reflect on the journey of these cancer survivors, let us draw strength from their example and continue to support and uplift those facing similar challenges, fostering a community of compassion and empowerment in the face of adversity.

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