Common breastfeeding problems that mothers face

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Common breastfeeding problems that mothers face

Breastfeeding is a roller coaster ride. During the initial few days and weeks, there may seem to be more downs than ups. With time and practice, it will get simpler! The trick is to understand what to anticipate and to seek assistance when necessary.

Sore nipples

Many mothers report that their nipples are sore when they first begin nursing. Breastfeeding should be easy after you and your baby have established a good latch and several positions that work for you.

Low milk supply


Mothers sometimes worry about producing sufficient milk for their baby or if their baby is getting enough milk.

Cluster feeding and growth spurts

Your infant eats often during cluster feedings. Growth spurts might lead to an increase in feeding.


When your breasts grow too full of milk, this is referred to as breast engorgement. They might be harsh, tight, and painful. Engorgement can result in clogged ducts or a mammary infection, therefore it is critical to attempt to avoid it before it occurs.

Plugged duct


A clogged duct appears like a painful lump in the breast. It is induced by an improperly draining milk duct.

Fungal infection

A fungal infection, often known as a yeast infection or thrush, can develop on the nipples or in the breast.


Mastitis (breast inflammation) occurs when a clogged milk channel is not alleviated. It causes hot and aching breasts and might make you feel quite ill with flu-like symptoms.

Because every woman's nursing journey is unique, you may encounter any or none of those other issues. If you do, keep in mind that it is perfectly OK to seek assistance from a lactation expert. Breastfeeding may be difficult, particularly in the initial stages. But remember but you're not alone. Lactation consultants can assist you in determining how to make nursing work for both you and your baby. Some women have a range of issues during nursing, while others do not. But with the right support and guidance one can easily find a solution to their lactational issues.

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