Fearing to visit your gynaecologist? Here’s why you don’t need to be scared

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Are you someone who freaks out when it comes to visiting a gynaecologist? According to several surveys conducted, most women are afraid of visiting their gynaecologist and by doing this they ignore their reproductive health. The fear and anxiety before visiting a gynaecologist are normal but it should not let you cancel your appointments. Getting yourself regularly checked is crucial for your health. It can also help to detect the symptoms and cure the disease easily. Also, if no disease is detected you are stress-free. It’s important to understand the source of fear and anxiety and overcome it. 

Sources of fear:-

1. Discomfort: Visiting a gynaecologist is a stigma and people fear that whenever they will visit a gynaecologist the society will judge .Visiting a gynaecologist annually right from the start of puberty is vital. It gives you proper information about menstruation, pregnancy, contraceptive, safe sex and menopause.  

2. Embarrassment: A gynaecologist asks questions about your sex life and personal life to understand things better but often in this journey patient feels that they are judged based on their sexual life. A gynaecologist is the last person that will ever judge you. Even if you feel judged you can try changing your gynaecologist. No one can judge you for your choices. 

3. Fear of disease: Many women are afraid of finding out that they are suffering from a disease. It's important to understand that if the disease is left unattended it gets worse. Diseases like breast cancer and vaginal cancer can be managed effectively if detected at an early stage.

Postponing your visits can lead to late diagnosis of the disease which can lead to difficulty in the treatment process. Talk to Gytree’s non-judgmental gynecologists to get the right guidance in a safe space. It's always better to consult a gynaecologist to assure that you get the correct diagnosis and right guidance from a person that you can trust.

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