Why there’s a bad smell from vaginal discharge?

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Foul smell from vaginal discharge? What can it mean ?

Verified by Dr. Vaishali Sakpal Rane (MBBS, DGO Obstetrics and Gynaecology, DNB Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

Having vaginal discharge is a natural and healthy process, and it protects the vagina. Healthy vaginal discharge is normally clear or white and has no bad odour. It is normal to have a faint vaginal odour. Vaginal odour and consistency frequently changes during a woman's menstrual cycle. Mid-cycle is generally when there is the most discharge, which might have an odour. After intercourse, vaginal odour may be greater. But a strong unpleasant stench, especially one that lasts for several days and smells fishy, can, nevertheless, be a sign of a health condition.

Color, odour, or consistency changes in vaginal discharge can occasionally signal a problem.

The following changes may signal a health problem:


-a sudden large amount of discharge

-discharge in green or yellow

-discharge that is watery or frothy

-discharge with the texture like cottage cheese

-discharge with a pungent fish or egg smelling odour

Foul smell from vaginal discharge? What can it mean ?

A woman of any age might get abnormal vaginal odour. Women who have poor hygiene, use douches, and are pregnant are more likely to have odd vaginal odour. Women who have a new sexual relationship or often switch partners may be more prone to odd vaginal odour.

Infection or inflammation can also generate abnormal vaginal odour. Vaginitis can occur when the usual vaginal bacteria flora levels are out of balance. Temporary vaginal odour, on the other hand, is frequent and usually dissipates on its own. This might be related to hormonal changes or even a change in nutrition. Strong-smelling meals, such as garlic or fish, might produce odour alterations in the vagina.

If the vaginal odour does not go away on its own, your doctor will look out for infections and prescribe medications. These can be administered as pills or cream. Precautions can help women lower their risk of abnormal vaginal odour. Taking regular showers with water to practise excellent hygiene.

Do not use douches, which are intravaginal liquid washing solutions. This can cause an infection by disrupting the pH levels in the vagina. In case of foul smell from the vaginal discharge do not self medicate and consult a doctor.

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