How to get rid of frizzy hair?

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How to get rid of frizzy hair?

While controlling frizzy hair might be challenging, it is not impossible. The main reason for frizzy hair is lack of moisture. This is ironic but rainy and humid weather tends to accentuate frizzy hair. This is due to the fact that dry hair strives to collect moisture from the air, which causes the cuticle, or outside layer, of each hair to inflate up rather than lie flat. Scales that are overlapping in the cuticle detach and rise in damp air. The result is frizzy-looking hair.

Frizz can become worse in any situation that dries out hair. Alkaline shampoos and alcohol-containing products like styling gels fall under this category. Heat-activated styling equipment can dry out hair, which causes frizz to appear. Here are some ways you can achieve a smoother look to your locks:

Maintaining proper hair hydration

Starting with shampoo and conditioner will be a good place to start. Frizz may frequently be caused by a lack of moisture. The most crucial component and cornerstone in the fight against frizzy hair is a decent shampoo and conditioner.


Get regular trims

Consistently getting your haircut (roughly every eight weeks) can significantly lessen frizz. Broken ends lose moisture far more quickly than split ends, which makes hair more frizzy and fuzzy-looking.

Use a microfiber towel

Apply a microfibre towel or turban to your hair as soon as you exit the shower to combat frizz. Regular cotton towels may be excessively rough on delicate, moist strands, resulting in friction that may cause frizz and breakage.

Hair serum

Hair serum covers the hair, adding gloss and moisture protection. Although hair serum cannot repair damage, it can shield hair from the environment and aid in moisture retention.


Coconut oil

Lauric acid is prevalent in coconut oil. Coconut oil can help increase moisture and stop protein loss to the hair when applied to the hair since it is so easily absorbed.

To provide moisture and lessen frizz, use a tiny quantity of coconut oil as a prewash or postwash treatment. Additionally, you may use a little bit of coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner or an overnight hair treatment for your hair.

How to get rid of frizzy hair?

Dry hair that strives to absorb moisture from the atmosphere gives the illusion of having frizzy hair. By utilising at-home remedies made for this reason, you can lessen frizz. Additionally, there are items that may be purchased in stores.

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