How to stop your periods for some days?

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How to stop your periods for some days?

Verified by Dr. Vaishali Sakpal Rane (MBBS, DGO Obstetrics and Gynaecology, DNB Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

Who hasn't wished they could skip a period while travelling? You must have thought if how to stop your periods for some days to prevent additional problems like cramps and bloating at a significant event?

You'll find a tonne of suggestions online on how to delay your period naturally, from working out to drinking vinegar-laced water. Do any of them, though, truly work?

Some natural remedies for forestalling your periods are available around us. Most commonly you might have been told that apple cider vinegar, gram lentils, lemon juice, gelatin and even some exercise may help in delaying your periods naturally but there is no proven statement on if it works or not. So relying on these methods might not be your best bet.


Some organic techniques for postponing a menstruation might have unfavourable effects. Your tongue and throat's delicate tissues may become irritated by lemon juice and ACV. Additionally, they might erode your teeth's enamel. Your stomach may feel uncomfortable and bloated after eating gelatin and gram lentils.

How to stop your periods for some days?


A drug called norethindrone can postpone the periods. Your doctor may prescribe pills for three to four days before your menstruation is due. Your menstruation should start two to three days after you stop taking the medication.

Contraceptive pills

By skipping the contraceptive pill (the seven-day gap when you generally bleed) and starting your fresh pack of pills right away, women who use progesterone-estrogen combination birth control pills can postpone their menstruation. Before doing anything, be sure to consult your doctor.


Attempts to postpone a period using chemical or natural methods may not be successful. If they don't, you could still get your period. Even if there isn't a complete period, irregular bleeding or spotting may still occur.

Remember that you should never self medicate and always consult a doctor before taking any of these medicines.

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