Lifestyle Habits that can lead to serious vaginal infection

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Lifestyle Habits that can lead to serious vaginal infection

If you have ever experienced a vaginal Infection you know how discomforting it can be. Any issue related to vaginal health scares us because who wants to take a chance? No one right? Here’s all you need to know about lifestyle and vaginal Infection.

How is it caused?

Vaginal Infections can be caused by the overgrowth of some vaginal bacterias that are naturally present in our Vagina. Vaginal microbiome consists of a number of bacterias. A healthy vagina contains a large population of good bacterias and a very few bad bacterias. But when the bad bacterias outgrow the good bacterias, the healthy Vaginal microbiome is disturbed and this can lead to vaginal infections.

Problems caused by vaginal infections

  • Vaginal pain and soreness
  • Unusual Vaginal Discharge 
  • If you are trying to get pregnant Vaginal infection can be your enemy 
  • It can also cause preterm delivery during pregnancy
  • Can also lead to pelvic inflammatory diseases
  • Can also make you more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases

Habits that can cause Vaginal Infections :

1. Douching: You don't need to clean your vagina with soap and water or any intimate wash. The vagina can clean itself. Intimate washes can alter the PH level or your vagina causing Vaginal Infection.

2.  Having multiple sexual partners can also make you more prone to vaginal infection. Use condoms while having intercourse, as they can protect you from getting many forms of STIs.

3. Smoking: Yes! you got one more reason to quit smoking.  Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for many vaginal infections. 

4.  Using an intrauterine device  (a tiny T-shaped device that is inserted into your uterus) can also sometimes contribute to vaginal infections, as it may push bacteria to your reproductive organs.


5. Taking antibiotics: Unfortunately many antibiotics can’t differentiate between the good and bad bacterias and they can kill your body's good bacterias too,  which can unbalance the microbiome and lead to vaginal infection.

6. Eating too much sugar is neither good for your health nor for your vaginal health.This can imbalance the PH of your vagina which allows yeast to develop. 

7. Not changing your undergarments and gym clothes after sweating:

 The more you procrastinate changing your sweaty clothes the longer you let your vagina be in moist surroundings leading to vaginal Infection. Always try to wear cotton underwear.

8.  Overstress and lack of sleep: Don’t play with your hormones , Overstress and lack of sleep can cause imbalance in your hormones which can lead to several health problems.

9. Wearing your tampons/pads for too long :


Don't procrastinate changing your tampon/pads. Wearing pads or tampons for a longer period of time can make you more susceptible to yeast infections. So change them after every 4 to 5 hours.

10. Wearing tight bottoms: 

We love those skinny jeans but if it is way too tight they can cause irritation and sweating , and any bottoms that are pressed up against your crotch can create a dark and damp haven for yeast to thrive.

Vaginal Infections can affect any age group,  but it is more common in people of reproductive age. Make sure you take good care of your vagina and consult a doctor if you notice anything unusual .

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