Melatonin supplements: Benefits

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Melatonin supplements: Benefits

You are eating right, doing workouts and everything to live a healthy life, but still something is wrong and you can’t figure out what it is?

Well, have you ever noticed that you are not sleeping properly or your sleep cycle is very much insufficient as per your body needs . Do you know what damage sleep deprivation is doing to your body? Wondering if what are melatonin supplements and how they are related to sleep? Well, we have the answers.

First let’s understand the benefits of a good peaceful sleep:

1.   Sleep Strengthen your Immune system


2.   Muscle and Tissue repairing

3.   Memory Consolidation

4.   Hormones which affects your appetite released at night

5.   Emotional balance

6.   Mental Alertness

Melatonin supplements: Benefits

What does sleep deprivation does to your body?

1.   It affects your immune system which means your body become more prone to infections and viruses .

2.   At night, certain hormones were released when you sleep peacefully which affects your appetite , how full you feel after eating and how your body handles that food intake  but when you are not sleeping,  these hormones are not released which in turn affects your weight .

3.   Long term sleep deprivation can cause Stress and Depression

4.   Hypertension

5.   Sleep apnea


6.   Affects your ability to think and concentrate

7.   Impaired Judgements

 Reasons why you are unable to sleep :

1.   Stress

2.   Not getting proper environment for sleep

3.   Using Electronic Devices at bed time

4.   Shift work

5.   Aging

6.   Poor Lifestyle

7.   Ignoring urge to sleep

Role of Melatonin Supplements

Our body operates on Hormones , Every function our body performs is controlled by hormones , just like this our sleep is also affected by the release of Melatonin Hormone . Lack of sleep is not normal, it is a severe problem .

 Melatonin is also called ‘’Sleep Hormone’’ which is released by Pineal gland of our brain. Melatonin levels starts rising in your body when it’s dark which tells your body that it’s night time and you need to relax and sleep and for those whose release of melatonin hormone is decreased can take this in the form of supplement which helps those who struggle getting peaceful sleep .

These supplements are made with Ingredients that helps in release of Melatonin Hormone , ingredients which calm your mind , gives you a relief from stress and which also takes care of your gut health which generally get disturbed when you are unable to sleep.

Melatonin Supplements helps to:

1.   Increase total sleep time

2.   Improves overall sleep quality

3.   Helps you in correcting your Circadian Rhythm

4.   Helps calm your Mind

Doctors and Health care providers have said that Melatonin Supplements are :

1.   Safe

2.   Non Toxic

3.   Not Addictive

One thing to keep in mind taking too much of it will stop your body from making it naturally and Always remember Sleep is very essential for your body , you can’t function without it . The more deeply and peacefully you sleep , the more efficiently your brain and body will work . Even if these supplements are considered safe, always take them after taking to a doctor. The doctor will be able to guide you the right doses and time. Sometimes all you need is to find out the root cause and change your lifestyle. Talk to Gytree lifestyle experts now, who help you balance your lifestyle through handholding approach.

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