Period pain relief: 10 Best Healthy Juices to drink

Period pain relief: 10 Best Healthy Juices to drink

When a woman is in her menstrual phase, she experiences a lot of discomforts, especially in the abdominal area. She also experiences severe cramps, mood swings, and a lot of other problems as well. The onset of menstruation is when the lining of the uterus breaks down and menstrual flow begins. During this time, what you eat and drink also plays a huge and vital role.

There are many healthy juices that are good for this time. Although there has not been much scientific studies and evidences about their effectiveness on cramps but they are healthy and rich with nutrients. Here is a list of the 10 best and healthy juices to drink during your menstrual cycle for period pain relief:-

1. Pineapple Juice for period pain relief

Pineapple juice might help you relieve menstrual pain. Drinking pineapple juice during periods will also help to avoid anaemia. Menstrual pain is caused by contractions of the uterus, which happens at the beginning of the periods. Having pineapple juice during periods will help to relax the uterus and works amazing for period pain relief. The juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and is a natural remedy for many health problems. Pineapple juice is healthy, tasty, and refreshing.

2. Beetroot Juice for period pain relief

Beetroot juice is very rich in nutrients. The nutrients found in this juice are helpful in normalising menstrual blood flow and also help in reducing period pain. Beetroot is rich in nitrates which help in relaxing the blood vessels. This relaxes the uterus and provides period pain relief. Beetroot also contains organic acids which help in dispersing the lactic acid and therefore relieve the pain. Beetroot is rich in magnesium and potassium as well which helps in improving the overall health of the women.

Period pain relief: 10 Best Healthy Juices to drink

3. Lemon Juice for period pain relief

Drinking lemon juice during periods is a very common practice among women because it helps to reduce period pain as it is rich in nutrients. Lemon juice also helps in increasing the levels of vitamin C which inturn helps in relieving pain.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which is helpful in reducing muscle pain and cramps. The citric acid present in lemon is helpful in bringing down the pH level in the body. Studies have shown that a lowered pH level helps in reducing menstrual pain, bloating and cramps during periods.

4. Papaya Juice for period pain relief

Drinking papaya juice or eating papaya during periods is a great way to reduce pain and discomfort. Papaya is rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains natural analgesic that have pain-killer properties.

The Juice of papaya is also effective in managing period pain. Papaya also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The natural pain-killer properties of papaya can also be utilised to manage period pain. Further, we should note that papaya has been used for many years in the treatment of menstrual disorders.

5. Carrot Juice for period pain relief

The nutrients in carrots help the body to break down excess oestrogen, which might keep your body from building up painful cysts. Plus, it is a good source of vitamin A, which may help with regulating the menstrual cycle and ease period pain. Most of the people also find that carrot juice helps to curb their cravings. It is not just the sugar; it is the texture and sweet taste of the juice as well that might make you feel like you are satisfying your craving, even if you are not.

 6. Orange Juice for period pain relief

Do you know that orange juice has calcium, Vitamin C, and other nutrients that may help during this time? Orange juice is a good drink for women to help ease their cramps and pain caused by periods. While the juice is not an alternative to the painkillers yet it can be a good alternative to eating a high-sugar food that might even worsen the situation.

7. Aloe vera Juice for period pain relief

Aloe vera juice is one of the most common home remedies for menstrual cramps and pain. Aloe vera juice is basically a natural laxative and blood purifier. It can clean your blood, improve digestion and relieve constipation as well. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that might help reduce period pain and cramps. The aloe vera in aloe vera juice helps to reduce inflammation, which helps to relieve pain and cramping during periods.

Also, aloe vera juice helps to balance the pH levels in the body as well. It also helps to sustain the body’s natural electrolyte balance, which is one of the main causes for painful periods. In addition, aloe vera juice also helps in cleansing and detoxing the body. It helps to flush out excess waste and toxins in the body, which can result in relief from bloating, nausea, fatigue, and headaches.

8. Apple Juice for period pain relief

The truth is, most people do not know that apple juice is actually a good thing to drink during periods. And no, it is not just because of all the healthy nutrients it contains but it is because it can help lower the risk of ovarian cancer to a great level.

What is even more amazing is that drinking a glass of apple juice would make you feel better in ways other than just helping with cramps.

For example, It will help boost energy levels and improve moods, so if you are feeling down, this might be a kick in the pants that you need! Further, it has also been shown to reduce aches and pains associated with PMS and menopause symptoms.

Period pain relief: 10 Best Healthy Juices to drink

9. Watermelon Juice for period pain relief

Watermelon juice is a great way to get relief from menstrual cramps and pains during the periods. It is not just good for the skin, though this delicious fruit might help you stay hydrated. Watermelon juice has also been shown to reduce pain associated with menstruation, including abdominal pain, lower back pain, pelvic pain and menstrual cramp pain in general. This makes it an effective natural remedy for all types of period pain.

Watermelon juice is very high in potassium, which helps to relax the muscles and reduce muscle spasms. It also has vitamin B6 and magnesium, both of them play a role in maintaining healthy bones and joints. And it also has a delicious taste. You will like the refreshing flavour after a long day at work.

10. Blueberry Juice for period pain relief

Blueberries are a good way for period pain relief, nausea and other symptoms of menstruation. They are anti-inflammatory. Blueberries contain anthocyanins which are also known to reduce inflammation in the body.

They are also rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to fight off free radicals that might cause damage to the  body’s cells and tissues. Talk to Gytree’s experts or explore expert curated nutrition packages to get a personalised guidance. You would want to experiment with making your own blueberry juice at home just  by blending up some fresh berries with water and straining out any bits that are not pure.

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Disclaimer – This information is provided for educational purposes and should not be used as medical advice. Please consult with your healthcare practitioners before undertaking any changes in your diet or adding supplements.