Jasprit Bumrah’s Wife’s savage reply to Trolls on Body Shaming her!

In today's text-savvy world, people pass comments for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all the time! Sanjana Ganesan called out a troller who called her fat post her pregnancy. It's high time we raise our voices against such despicable acts. Read her reply!

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We are living in a world today where access to the internet is faster and more widely available than essentials for living for the poor and the needy in various parts of the world. Little do we realize the importance of the manifold blessings in our lives. But unfortunately, many misuse everything that is at their disposal. Trolling has been a rampant problem since the advent of social media. And it hasn't stopped since then. People are busy poking their noses in the lives of those they have no connection with and give their opinions when no one asks for them. 

A recent incident of trolling that caught the eyes of the netizens was this particular incident that happened with the wife of Indian Cricketer, Jasprit Singh Bumrah. Jasprit Singh Bumrah known for his skill on the field with the ball and his wife, Sanjana Ganesan, a famous sports presenter and anchor are famous on social media platforms with a huge number of followers on Instagram. 

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Troller received a fiery reply for his Body-Shaming Comment


Sanjana Ganesan, who has a massive fan following of over 1 million on Instagram recently shared a promotional post where the adorable couple was seen dressed in white for a Valentine's Day advertisement. One of the comments on the post below read “Bhabhi mote lag rahi ho” which translates to “Sister in law, you're looking fat”. The troller who dropped this comment on Sajana’s post got a befitting reply. Sanajana replied saying “ School ki science textbook toh yaad nahi hai tumse, bada auraton ke bodies ke bare me in comment kar rahe ho. Bhaago yaha se”. The translation of which is “You can't even remember your school science textbook and you've come here to talk and comment about women’s bodies. Run away”. 

Recently Jasprit Bumrah and Sanjana Ganesan welcomed a baby boy into their family last year in September. Sanjana is currently dealing with postpartum which is a common thing for most mothers post delivery. At such a tough time when a woman goes through many changes both physically and mentally, such trolling can be very harmful. But she didn't keep silent, she roared and like a lion did she roar! Her response was applauded by the netizens and she was praised for standing up for herself. It is indeed a matter of great pride to see women lift their voices especially those who are under public scrutiny always. 

Understanding Body Dysmorphia in Women
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Body Shaming and its Effects on Women 

Body Shaming is a prevalent issue today owing to the rise in the usage of social media. It is very easy to sit laid back and talk about a person’s body like no one's business. We are living in an age today where people don't think twice before passing such ill comments. No one has the right to speak about a person’s body, appearance and image. Don't like it? Keep it to yourself. Don't want to see it? Unfollow them. Have a problem with it? It's not yours for you to care. “Keep your opinions about a person's body to yourself alone” is a message for all the trollers. This downside of social media can cause so much havoc mentally and physically for those affected by it. 

Body Shaming is the act of passing negative comments about a person's body by calling out “extra skinny and extra obese” individuals. Body Shaming can be about anything related to the outward appearance of a person ranging from their weight, age, type of clothes, their application of makeup, comments about body hair, attractiveness and more. 

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Mental Health Effects of Body Shaming 

Victims of body shaming can often be seen withdrawing from all social circles and closing up to everyone around them. They go into a shell and suffer from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, emotional turmoil, and low self-esteem. They may become victims of eating disorders causing them to become obese and gain weight faster. They suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder and often repulse from the very sight of their mirror image. They may even go to the extent of harming themselves and committing suicide. Such can be the deleterious effects of body shaming. Consult our Gytree Experts if you seem to be experiencing similar feelings. Seeking help at the right time is crucial. 

As a community that grows together, we should be mindful of our words, we may directly or indirectly tend to hurt the sentiments of people around us. It's time we raise our voices against these never-ending cases of body shaming that we see online. Spreading awareness about its impact on mental health and calling them out can maybe help give the trollers a reality check! 



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