Love's EKG: 10 Signs to Gauge the Strength of a Healthy Relationship

Being in love is not enough, being in a relationship for the sake of it is not right. It is important to know what a real and healthy relationship offers. Here are 10 signs a healthy relationship should possess to stand the test of time!

Johanitha Moraes
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The sight of vibrant red roses blooming in each nook and corner of the town, vendors busy trying to get you to buy them, witnessing couples making their way out to enjoy a lovely evening, noticing the sweet gestures of the lovebirds around, Valentine's Day comes with its own set of joys for those celebrating and sorrows for those not. Haha, fear not this article isn't targeting any of your past traumas, instead it's going to enhance your perspective. 

For those who have found their partner or at least they think they did, read ahead. This article will give you a better understanding of your relationship. It is vital to know what is “normal” and “healthy”. In today's age where toxic relationships and situationships have been depicted and have been applauded, a reality check is needed. Consult our Gytree Therapists and Counselors if you need an expert to talk to about your relationship issues that are troubling your mental peace. You can judge for yourself based on these signs whether your relationship will stand the test of time!

As much as being single might seem like you're missing out on something, let me remind you this. Being in a relationship is not enough, being in one for the sake of it is not right, being in one which is “healthy” should be the goal. Companionship is not an endpoint or a compulsion we should strive towards. Taking one's time and carefully getting into a relationship is crucial. Many times, decisions in haste result in breakups and tend to land us into deeper waters. 

Photo taken from Canva Stock Images

Signs of a Healthy Relationship 

  1. Respect: Two humans can never agree always, it is normal to have different opinions. But how you handle such situations and come to a common ground is what matters. I'm sorry ladies, if he comes even close to crossing this line of respect that should always be present, he's not the one for you. 

  2. Communication- This two-way street will go a long way in stabilizing your relationship. If something's not right- express, talk, understand, listen, voice out, converse, discuss. Conflicts are best resolved when you make your partner feel heard and when you can freely express yourself as well. 

  3. Trust- In today's temporary world, it is rare to find this gem of a quality. Trust is an integral thread that binds a relationship. It all starts from minor issues like checking one’s phone to doubting about their day to day-to-day whereabouts. Be transparent and open about everything. The benefit of the doubt is a given in a relationship. 

  4. Supporting each other's work- Though it takes two to make a relationship, it is essential to bring out the best in both. Supporting each other professionally, allowing them to blossom in what they do best, and enhancing their personality and individuality are all healthy signs. Ladies, someone who is dominant and is curbing your dreams and choices is a nah. 

  5. Honesty- Honesty is the best policy, though an adage, it best describes a healthy relationship. Have a clear conscience, and share everything with your partner. The more you try to cover up pieces, the more it will backfire against you in the future. 

  6. Understanding- Being mindful of your partner's feelings, predicting their moods, knowing them in and out, and how they react to something is crucial. 

  7. Resolving Arguments- It is normal to be in a relationship where there are differences of opinion. It is the innate quality of your bond that decides the outcome of these sets of arguments. Being able to hold your calm when your partner is angry and coming to a neutral conclusion is how relationships should work. At the end of the day, couples need to resolve their differences before going to bed.

  8. Kindness and Care- Being gentle with each other is important. A little kindness goes a long way. As a couple, your core should be these little acts of care that will keep your relationship going. 

  9. Decision-making- Both of you should have an equal share in important matters. Matters of finance, parenting, housing and living should be spoken about, considering the opinions of both partners. 

  10. Love- Of all the greatest qualities, love always wins. Love your partner with all your heart. Being in a relationship and “winning” your partner does not mean you stop expressing your love to your partner. Win their heart, with love, each day, every day! 

Now after reading and introspecting, do you think you've found the right one? Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day! Celebrate yourself, celebrate all the people you love! 

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