Healthy Snacking : a foodie's joy

In this fast running life , the most important thing a man misses is good , soulful , healthy food. Here's a guide for healthy snacking that is both tasteful and nutritious.

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No one in this world can go a day without snacking. Be it kids or be it adults , all of us find a reason to snack on our favorite snacks. But do you think even twice before eating a certain kind of snack whether it is healthy or not? It is a myth that snacking might cause extreme weight gain or make a person lethargic but myths remain myths! Infact snacking is important for a normal human being in order to prevent overeating. Intermittent snacking which literally means snacking in between meals is one of the reasons for high energy. 

There is a fair chance for all of us on missing out on some really important nutrients and minerals from our meals and snacking is one to restock them. Snacking is good at all terms but the only thing that should be looked after is the fact that the snacks are nutrient rich superfoods that improve our quality of food intake.

Knack for a snack : tips for healthy snacking

To lead towards a guilt free snacking journey , here are a few tips and tricks one must go through:

  1. Count the nutrients , not the calories : a snack must consist of high number of nutrients instead of having a low calorie count. Any snack that bends a little more towards the higher side of the calories can be nutrient rich and very benificial which ultimately makes them healthy.
  2. Plan out your portions : be mindful of the fact that a snack should not become your meal. Do not eat snacks in bulk to avoid overeating.
  3. Do a meal plan and prep : once a person plans and preps his or her meal they will succeed in avoiding unhealthy snacking options.
  4. Know your limits : although we said that snacking is not unhealthy but this does not mean that you are permitted to eat anything and everything without a limit. Have only a snack or two in the whole day and that must be enough. 

Nature's Basket : healthy snacking options

It is always great if all the snacks you choose are healthy in some way or the other. You can create healthy snacks by using whole superfoods. The less the processed item , healthier it is to snack. Gytree experts look after better and enhanced healthy snacking options and here is what they suggest:

  1. Homemade seeds and nuts mix
  2. Marinated Paneer {grilled or tossed}
  3. Boiled eggs with a side of fruits and vegetables 
  4. Greek flavoured yoghurts
  5. Fruit and yoghurt smoothies
  6. Protein bars
  7. Whole grain nachos and salsa or sauce 
  8. Hummus and pita bread 
  9. Nut butters with whole grain breads  
5 healthy food for PCOS
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Not only do people with health concerns need to do healthy snacking but sportpersons , new moms , people with extreme muscular work should also focus on their snacking habits. Sportspersons might need energy fillers in between their training such as protein shakes and protein bars and bytes. New moms are often advised to have snacks which are rich in proteins and carbs to enhance and promote recovery and hence superfoods such as chia seeds are recommended. Old age people are usually not allowed to have heavy or difficult to digest foods and hence their snacks could preferably be fruits and boiled vegetables. 

All of this comes down to one thing and that is the foods that are good for snacking and whether these foods can suffice our nutrient requirements and the answer is a clear YES! To be clearer about it , Gytree experts got your back!

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