Vegetarianism and Pescetarianism

Vegetarianism and Pescetarianism not only talks about the way this generation should eat but also suggests ways to find their meal. In a world where everyone finds ways to eat healthy , here is your guide to one of them!

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This fast moving world has given birth to a lot of alternate diets and nutrition which are widespread in different ways. There is vegan , vegetarian , pescetarian and etc. As people have started understanding more about the working of the food chain and the importance of each block in the food chain , they have started being conscious about the the way they eat. Most important thing of all is the fact that people have started paying attention to the diets based on its constituents and not only the benifits of the diet. 

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Difference between vegan , vegetarian , and pescetarian diets

The most rapidly growing and consumed type of diet in the world is Vegan diet. Vegan diet includes only plant -based diet and excludes all kinds of dairy or animal based diet. Veganism took a toll over vegetarianism very recently when people started addressing the fact that even dairy includes animal cruelty. 


While , vegetarian diet literally means plant based diet but it also includes dairy. For instance , vegetarians don't eat cow meat but they do drink cow milk. Vegetarian is the most highly consumed kind of diet in the world currently.

Pescetarian diet only includes fishes and other seafood but is exclusive of other kind of red meat , or chicken. This kind of diet is usually followed in most numbers in areas where there is less availability of meat , especially near the coastal region. 

What does one mean when they say they are vegetarian or pescetarian?

Although alot of people might think that vegetarianism is only about veggies , fruits and dairy it is something so much more than that. Like for example , a person who consumes a vegetarian diet also includes pulses , seeds , grains , nuts and etc. A vegetarian diet is not only benificial for a person in terms of nutrition but it is also equally benificial for the environment. There are some vegetarians , who due to religious reasons follow a strict veg diet that may also exclude eggs , gelatin , fish oil , or etc. But there are a few vegetarians who might eat even bacon , hem and sausages and such vegetarians are now called as Lacto - Ovo vegetarians.

A pescetarian diet includes fishes and other seafood but strictly excludes chicken , beef , mutton , pork and etc. Even though , the pescetarians follow a vegetarian diet that has veggies and fruits but they are still different from the vegetarians who stick to certain religious beliefs. Like there are seperate benifits for vegan and vegetarian diets , similarly there are benifits of pescetarian diets which include lowering the risks of chronic diseases , improved brain and heart function and preventing diseases like diabetes or cancer.

One should keep the following things in mind while choosing a diet:

  1. You should keep your beliefs and preferences in mind
  2. keep yourself updated with things about the potential health benifits , drawbacks and factors that affect the diet.
  3. keep experimenting with your body to decide what suits you the best.  
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