Vitamin B(est) : the real queen B

Every human body needs a fixed amount of nutrients and micronutrients and what provides better nutrition than a Vitamin that is a powerhouse itself.

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8 types of Vitamin B and its benefits

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Vitamin B is a group of eight super essential micronutrients that are best known for enhancing energy , metabolism and maintainance of healthy hair and skin. These vitamins are different in themselves and perform different functions and they are :





4.Pantothenic acid(B5) 

5.Vitamin B6



8.Vitamin B12 

These vitamins are extremely important and keep a check on the functioning of the body cells. Like we said earlier , these are the best promoters for metabolism and look after skin and hair health.



8 types of Vitamin B and its benefits
image taken from canva stock images 

Benifits of Vitamin B 

These complex nutrients are known for best performing their function in the body and hence come with various health benefits as well. 

  1. Are the best alternatives when it comes to curing cancer. Nicotinamide , known as Vitamin B3 is known for playing a positive role in reducing the high risks on skin cancer.
  2. These vitamins are also known for their part in enabling weight loss. For a person , who has just set afoot on their weight loss journey is often advised to follow a Vitamin B12 supplement by the experts.
  3. Vitamin B is best known for its role in improving the immune system but it is best known for strengthening the gut health. 
  4. These are equally responsible for keeping your brain healthy , i.e they improve nerve function thus facilItating easier functions up there.

Vitamin B rich foods 


The universe has been in good favour of us that we get all the micronutrients from our daily diet itself. But there maybe chances of us missing out on a few of them but to make sure that you don't , here is a list of few vitamin b rich foods which come handy:

  1. Milk and other dairy products 
  2. eggs 
  3. meat from chicken and red meat that also includes liver and kidneys 
  4. seafood especially tuna
  5. dark green and leafy veggies such as spinach , kale and brocolli 
  6. grains and cereals
  7. nutritional yeast

Vitamin B deficiency : 

When an individual is deficient of vitamin B it is clearly visible from their skin or health. For instance , a person who is suffering from Vitamin B deficieny may have chapped lips , flakey scalp , maybe anemic , feel weak and nauseas for a long time , and may also have skin rashes. Prolonged deficiency of Vitamin B may also cause digestive issues , infections and peripheral neuropathy.

Hence , one must always pay close attention to the constitution of the nutrients in his or her food. This not only facilitates and promotes good health but also ensures that you do not run out of the nutrients in your body. 

Vitamin B might be your escape to an even better gut , heart and immune health. So always remember to have enough of it , because no one beats the Queen B! 

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