Postpartum insomnia in Indian women. Are you having difficulty in sleeping after childbirth?

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Postpartum insomnia

Verified by Dr. Vaishali Sakpal Rane (MBBS, DGO Obstetrics and Gynaecology, DNB Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

It is reasonable to anticipate feeling exhausted after childbirth. Babies aren't exactly renowned for sleeping well, so you're generally up all hours of the night taking care of them. But for other women, the fatigue goes beyond what is typical and starts to border on sleeplessness. Postpartum insomnia is the inability to consistently fall asleep or stay asleep after the birth of your child.

Not all women have postpartum insomnia, but you might experience it for a number of reasons, including hormone changes or lifestyle changes. It's appropriate to seek medical assistance for postpartum insomnia to know what you may do in such a situation.

Postpartum insomnia following delivery can occur for a number of reasons. One has to do with hormonal changes that follow childbirth. Your progesterone and oestrogen levels plummet after giving delivery. Circadian rhythms, your body's normal sleep-wake cycle, are influenced by these hormones. When your circadian rhythms are thrown off, you could feel more sleepy during the day and more awake at night.

Postpartum insomnia

Before seeking medical help, there are several lifestyle modifications you may make to get rid of postpartum insomnia. All of these should be taken into account for your health, even if some may be challenging to execute when caring for a baby.

In general, postpartum insomnia may become better after the baby starts sleeping through the night and the new mother may have uninterrupted sleep. You should talk to your healthcare physician if your sleeplessness persists after your child is sleeping through the night since you may be dealing with chronic insomnia. Your physical and emotional health depend on getting enough sleep, so you may come up with a treatment plan for improving your sleep together.

If not treated, postpartum insomnia may become quite problematic. It's normal to feel exhausted after having a new member in the house, but having severe insomnia that prevents you from daily functioning might be risky. Try making lifestyle adjustments to check if they improve your sleep, and if not, talk to your healthcare professional to come up with a solution.

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