Plant based protein packed meals : Your customized recipe book

In this fast running life and a world of vegan lifestyle , Plant based proteins are a new , blazing topic. Here is your guide to add plant protein to your daily meals.

Janhavi Bardale
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It is not new to us , that people are looking for protein supplements to add to their diet because who does not love a good protein intake and it is even more interesting how the plant based products have won over animal based products in the market! Gytree has succeeded in developing a 100% plant based protein that not only tastes good but has multiple benifits as well.

The Pros And Cons Of Whey Protein Vs Plant Based Protein For Weight Loss
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Gytree's plant based protein contains Shatavari and Ashwagandha that help in bettering the hormonal balance , curcumin and green tea extracts to enhance the metabolism , and carotenoids to increase the immunity and strength.

Your own protein packed recipe book 


Here are some ideas for your plant based protein packed meal ideas that you can D.I.Y 

1.Banana Pancakes

2.Quinoa salad 

3.Banana oats smoothie 

4.Veggie fried rice 

5.Strawberry and protein overnight oats 


6.Bean salad 

7.Chickpea salad sandwich 

8.Spinach and mushroom wraps 

9.Spinach mac and cheese 

10.Chana curry 

11.Avocado and quinoa salad 

Why Plant Proteins are the New Go-To for Modern Working Women
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Benefits of  Plant proteins:

Whether you are a sportperson or a person leading a normal life , everyone needs a good protein intake and nothing beats a good plant protein. As long as the quantity stays the same , it does not matter if you have a plant or an animal protein. But what really makes the difference is the fact that you avoid animals and go for a healthier and eco friendly option. 

Plant proteins fulfill our requirements for the necessary and super important amino acids. It helps in decreasing the risk of chronic diseases like hypertension , high cholestrol , cancer , obesity , stroke and etc. Plant based proteins are the highest recorded sources of Phytonutrients that promote health and wellness. It  makes all these phytonutrients easier to digest and absorb. These increase and facilitate the process of quicker weight loss without hampering the calorie intake. It also buillds and multiplies immunity lessening the chances of falling sick. In this busy lifestyle , one must constantly keep running and thses plant based proteins help exactly in that , provide you the ability to feel more and more energized throughout the day. 

So if you are in search of better ways to enhance your nutrient intake , this is your sign to get along with the plant based proteins. Make sure to cook fun recipes and meals to make you journey of switching to plant proteins even more exciting.