Vaginal Delivery and Postpartum Care

Once a new member is welcomed in the family everyone is so engaged in taking its care that they often forget that there is a mom who has just gone through unbearable pain. Let us learn more about it.

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Sti during pregnancy

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A woman finds a new life after she gives birth they say. A life where she herself experiences rebirth and lives her life all over again. But only the woman knows what pain she has went through. When a family welcomes a newborn in the house , they often tend to forget that it is equally important to take care of the new mom as much as it is for the child. Ancient people , specifically the generation before us and even experts suggest that a vaginal delivery is healthier for the baby than a C-section but at the same time it is extremely painful for the Mom. The pain equivalent to the breaking of 21 bones they say! Not only physically but a woman also undergoes a lot of mental pain during this period. Here is how you can make it easier for your mom , sister , wife or friend during their difficult times.

Sti during pregnancy
image taken from canva stock images

What happens to the vagina?

During the vaginal delivery , your surgeon might suggest you make a cut in the vagina , known as Episiotomy , to make sure that the delivery is smoother and you have to bare little pain. Since the vagina holds a cut , be it minor or major but it may need regular care. Like:

  1. A painkiller only eases the pain for a bit but might help you in difficult times such as urinating or during a hot day. The painkiller however succeeds in numbing the area , relieving you for a little time.
  2. Warm water baths are often advised so that the area gets steam and that might feel better. However if cold water feels even better you can use it instead.
  3. The area where the cut is often made is known as the Perineum. The area should be in contact with cold surface to soothe pain.
  4. Try resting on padded or softer place to avoid contact with harder surfaces. 
  5. If the cut does not feel like healing , it might be a sign of an infection. Make sure you take pain killers advised by your Gynacs only.   

Changes in your body

A delivery is a huge step and everything in your body might undergo a big change post delivery. The changes that occur are quite concerning but are easy to tackle if looked after properly. The very first thing to affected is the vaginal discharge. Post delivery , the vagina might secrete a mix of blood , muscus and tissue which might seem scary at start but is not very serious. Initially , immidieate past the delivery , the vaginaal discharge is heavy and goes on reducing after a month or two. You might simply use a sanitary pad that soaks up the heavy flow.

It is only after the water breaks that a woman is indicated that it is time for delivery now. But there might be instances wherein you might feel like the vagina is leaking post delivery as well. This is known as Incontinence. This happens because of excessive stretching in the pelvic floor muscle. 

A woman's most loved body part are her breasts and it is nothing less than a heartbreak when you see them undergoing sudden changes. Your breats might look fuller , your nipples might dry out and feel sore , or them might feel less firm that before. Since the baby is being fed with these breasts , you need to keep them healthy , clean and moisturized. Use a soft cloth to wipe them after every feeding session , use good grade coconut oil or butter to mositurize them. Use bras that are comfortable for you and have a good quality cloth. 

A vaginal delivery usually results in more hormonal changes than an unnatural delivery but sometimes it gets irritating how all your body parts start showing signs of extreme change. During your pregnancy , your skin and hair flourish but post delivery you might face hair loss and skin undergoing change. The hair growth might get slower and your stomach and thighs might get stretch marks as well. 


Mood swings , weight gain or loss , and constant flashes are common post delivery.

Foods to have after Vaginal Delivery

A new mom should not be kept away from any kind of nutritional diet post a hard and tiring vaginal delivery.

  1. Green , leafy vegetables which have high protein content are a must have during these times. These may include brocolli , bell peppers , celery , cabbage , spinach etc.
  2. Fruits rich in iron and vitamin C should be preffered.
  3. The diet must be light and dairy free to avoid constipation and indigestion.
  4. Oats , quinoa and brown rice are also great options for roti and vegetables if the mom is too choosy.

It is a sign of goodwill and the environment around you is constantly happy when a baby comes home. But is the prime duty of the family , especially the husband to make sure that they do their best to make the new mom feel free and ease her pain. 


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