Uterine Fibroids : a death scare for women

A woman spends most of her life looking after the family but often forgets to looks after herself and that is exactly when these monsters take over their health. Here , we will talk about fibroids , the tumors that are almost death scares for women.

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What are fibroids? Indian women must know!

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A woman's body has the most delicate yet important organs. For instance , the uterus. It is exactly this part , the womb where even these fibroids find a place to reside in. Fibroids are muscular tumors that grow within the walls of the uterus or the womb. It has become very frequent that women are diagnosed with these fibroids and the fact that is even more scarier that some women don't even reflect many symptoms before they are diagnosed with it.

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What do fibroids actually mean?

Fibroids are muscular tumors that grow in the wall of the wall of the uterus or the womb. These may grow single or in group of tumors. These fibroids are more common in women in their 40s and 50s , which may ultimately cause pain and heavy menstrual bleeding and also put pressure on the bladder. 


More about Fibroids:

Most fibroids grow in the walls of the uterus on the stalks that grow out from the uterus. No one knows the real reason behind these fibroids being caused but there may be certain factors like hormonal changes and other genetic issues. Alot of people believe that these fibroids are not converted or promoted into cancerous cells but there is a slight chance of one of these fibroids being cancerous. 

Fibroids when first called as tumours sound extremely scary but these can be treated in a series of different ways. For instance :

  1. medications like ibuprofen are often suggested for mild pain.
  2. some birth control pills might also be prescribed while one is dealing with fibroids 
  3. surgeries including myomectomy , hysterectomy , endometrial ablation , myolysis , and etc are often advised 

Fibroids if detected in time being can be tackled with easily using techniques that cam avoid them from the roots itself.

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