Keen for Skin: Skincare secrets that keep you going

Our skin is our most important jewel, the one that makes us the most bedazzled and nothing should dim its shine, its shimmer. Indian skins are literal gold under the sun they say, and I believe no less. Here is how you polish that gold!

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India , a country with diversity is diverse not only in food , culture and language but even more diverse in people , colour and climate. Indians throughout the world are valued for their skills , way of life , and culture but nothing has been able to beat the appreciation we get in terms of beauty. Although a lot of people feel that talking about colour in any sort of sense is racism why think twice before talking about something that we are blessed with, that is made for us and that we are meant to live with?

India and its shades

Scientifically Indian skin comes in all shades because of the presence of melanin. Not only skin but melanin is responsible for the colour in our hair , eyes , and protection from sun too. Now you better be proud that you got your own customised sunscreen! Even though melanin has so many advantages but everything that comes with a prosequence has to have a negative side too , and so does melanin. Indian skin might go through 

  1. Hyperpigmentation : the skin colour changes from light to dark on specific places due to various factors such as hormonal changes , exposure to sun and pick and drop in the levels of melanin.
  2. Unsuitable products : there is a very strong chance that the drugstore products may or may not suit your skin type and hence this often leads to the skin getting prone to acne and rashes.

Skin and its care

Like we saw above , a skin that has any amount of melanin in it may need extensive care throughout the year. In this country that has different terrains and climate throughout , the type of skincare should also keep changing. For instance , an oily skin type should be treated with products that repel oil whereas dry skin should be treated with extreme moisturization. 

Here are some really good skincare solutions for indian skin in general : 

  1. Protection from sun : although good amounts of melanin in our skin protect us from the UV radiations but an additional layer of protection is also necessary at the same time. One may use sunscreens with higher SPF and vitamin C to treat the same.
  2. Moisturizing on regular basis : it is a myth that oily skin does not need moisturization , rather such skin types should use water based moisturizers to do their job. Moisturizers contain hyaluronic acid , squalene and vitamin C which ultimately retain the skin moisture. 
  3. Exfoliation : one should exfoliate their skin atleast 2 times a week to remove the dead skin cells and brighten the complexion. However the end goal here is not the brightening of the complexion but looking for the betterment of the skin quality.       

Changing season and the skin wars

Changing climate and season may bring your skin a war to fight. Now that its the month of july , our skin is prone to getting acne and oil by all the chai and pakoras you have okay. But no worries , we got you.


There may be instances of extreme skin itchiness , open pores or blackheads , acne , pimples , rashes , dryness , tanning and all kinds of issues that may dull your shine. Not only all this , but this is the peak time when the melanin in our skin is at its highest working point. Here is what you can do to tackle it :

Post Workout Beauty: Refreshing Your Skin Routine
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  1. Use facewashes and gentle cleansers that contain clay and charcoal in them , which result in reduced oil.
  2. Don't burden your skin with a heavy makeup routine. Also make sure to remove all the makeup you have before you call the day off. 
  3. Use more and more natural ingredients like aloe vera , lemon , honey , coconut oil and etc.
  4. Use sunscreens of SPF 40 or above.   

Some general skin care might include steps such as : using a breatheable cloth to cover your face , do not overwash your face  in order to reduce the contact of more chemicals , wash your hands before you start with your daily skincare regime and so on.

Although a lot of dermatologists suggest to keep your skincare routines same throughout the year but some say that it's even better if you change the regimes in accordance with the climatic changes. Consult our Gytree experts for any queries and concerns about your skin. But like they say, it's all trial and error and only you know what works for your skin the best.

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