Can Protein Reduce Hair Fall? Let's tackle its “Root”!

Hair fall is one of the most dreaded and talked about complaints about women’s health. Is there a relation between intake of protein and reduction in hair fall? Let's understand the association and what foods can help reduce your hair fall misery.

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Protein is an essential macronutrient required to make our diet a balanced one. We are all well aware of this fact and we are well acquainted with the numerous health benefits that proteins offer. But what if I tell you that its functions go beyond just improving health and vitality? Can a good diet with protein reduce hair fall?

Hair fall, a dreaded enemy that creeps its way into our lives, always uninvited and full of terror. The very sight of looking at the strands of hair collecting after each stroke of brushing our hair gets us all anxious and worried. What should I do about this? Will my hair grow back? Is this much hair fall normal? Despite the application of numerous remedies, why am I still losing hair? These are the common questions that run in our minds rent-free. 

There have been many studies and research work done regarding the association between protein intake and hair fall. While this association is still under question and further study, many noteworthy research papers have been published that state that there is a definite relationship between protein deficiency and hair loss.

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The Relation between protein and hair fall 

Many of you must have heard the word “Keratin” in advertisements or elsewhere. Yes, it is the essential protein that assembles to form the major component of your hair strand. Amino acids of a specific sequence will arrange themselves to code for the synthesis of the keratin protein that gives hair its smooth and strong lustre and thickness. Therefore, loss or deficiency of protein leads to the formation of weaker keratin molecules in each strand that become susceptible to breakage, injury and damage. 

Signs of Protein Deficient Hair Strand

A hair strand that lacks sufficient keratin molecules shows classical signs that can be noticed on regular inspection of your hair. Do note them down to make sure you know if your hair is adequately nourished and has the right amount of protein!

  • Dry, brittle strands of hair 
  • Loss of elasticity of hair follicles 
  • Loss of lustre and shine 
  • Decreased hair growth 
  • Thinning of hair follicles 
  • Sparsely scattered hair strands 
  • Losing hair at a higher rate 
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What are the essential food sources for incorporating protein to reduce hair fall? 

  1. Plant-based proteins like lentils, legumes, beans and nuts are important for hair growth and health. 

  2. The egg white protein is loaded with protein and biotin for your skin and hair health. The egg is interestingly hence also called the “reference protein” for comparison.

  3. Lean meat sources like chicken, turkey and beef also offer adequate protein for good hair growth. 

  4. Nuts like peanuts, walnuts and almonds are very effective in supplying the right amount of protein, Vitamin E and healthy fats. 

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It is important to note that the consumption of protein should be in the right quantity and the right quality. Overdoing it to achieve faster results will only lead to more complications. Excess protein intake can mess up your hair's molecular structure and may cause further hair loss. Hence it is important to Consult a Hair Expert about your diet plan and the right amount of protein you just consume to reduce hair fall. Check out our Gytree Program for Skin and Hair health for effective results long long-term maintenance of healthy locks. 

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