Swap these 10 bad habits today!

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Swap these 10 bad habits today!

Having a healthy lifestyle is everyone's dream. But, very few of us can put in that effort to achieve it. We are so caught up with the work that we have little or no time to invest for our health needs. But what if I say that you can have a healthy lifestyle without spending extra time. Yes, you can do it. By simply swapping these 10 bad habits today. To learn more, keep reading. We will be discussing how swapping your habits and a little extra effort can lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 10 golden pieces of advice that can transform your lifestyle.

1. Swap Carbonated drinks to healthy fruit juices : 

We all love cola but, do you know that it has a large amount of sugar in it. You can simply switch to fresh fruit juices which are tasty and are healthy instead of unhealthy carbonated drinks.

2.Instead of ordering food try to cook yourself:

Today we have the option to order food online through hundreds of food apps. Rather, we can just try to be a little conscious of what we are eating and use healthy kitchen ingredients to cook food which will be healthier.

3. Walk every time you get a chance:

 Got a call? Instead of laying down, go for a walk. Or maybe just roam around the room. This will help you to be active and once you get a habit you won't even have to remind yourself. Don't sit for long hours , take breaks in between and try to do a little stretching exercises.

4. Take stairs instead of a lift: Just thinking about taking the stairs but always end up in lift? We all hate standing in queues waiting for the lift, then why just think and wait, take the stairs.

5.Replace caffeine with warm water: Do you get up and drink a cup of coffee or tea? That too empty stomach? Stop this! you are slowly harming your body. Instead, have a glass of water or sometimes pair it with lemon and kick start your day with Vit C.

6. Instead of smoking try breathing exercises: Smoking to reduce stress? Seems like the worst choice. Instead, try breathing exercises and meditation. This will help you release stress without harming your body.

7. Note things in a diary and not on your phone: Did you ever notice you open your phone to check notes and end up spending hours watching videos. We all do. So try having notes offline in a diary. This will help you minimise your screen time.

8. Don't skip meals instead track your calories: If dieting, never skip your meals instead try to have healthy food with low fat.Skipping a meal is something you should never do. Your body needs food to run and stay productive.

9. Switch to positivity: Do you know that your mental health has a major role to play in your overall health. So instead of scrolling social media for hours, consuming negativity and lowering your self-esteem try to give time to do what you love .

10. Never check your phone just after getting up and before going to bed: 

Start your day fresh and do some stretching. Go for a quick run. And before sleeping try journaling or just do nothing but relax this will help you to stay connected to yourself and have a positive outlook throughout the day.

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