Symptoms of osteoporosis in Indian women! Important things to be aware of!

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Symptoms of osteoporosis in Indian women

Verified by Dr. Vaishali Sakpal Rane (MBBS, DGO Obstetrics and Gynaecology, DNB Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

If you are having joint pain you must have had this thought that could it be osteoporosis, and what are actually the symptoms of osteoporosis? Well, bones become more brittle as a result of osteoporosis. Anyone can be impacted, although older women often have a higher chance of being affected with osteoporosis. In reality, osteoporosis affects women four times more frequently than it affect males. As women age, their chances of getting osteoporosis also rises.

The process of making bones is continual. Normal bone mass may be impacted if bone degradation outpaces regeneration. Reduced bone mass that interferes with the natural bone structure is known as osteoporosis. One of the symptoms of osteoporosis is that the bones become weak and brittle, making fractures and fractured bones possible with the smallest amount of stress.

In India, there are more and more women who have osteoporosis, which is characterised by decreased bone mass and altered bone strength. The high incidence of osteoporosis has been attributed to low calcium intake with widespread vitamin D insufficiency, increased lifespan, sex inequity, early menopause, hereditary susceptibility, a lack of diagnostic tools, and inadequate awareness of bone health. Consequently, osteoporosis is a significant public health issue for Indian women.

Symptoms of osteoporosis in Indian women

Age, race, lifestyle decisions, and medical problems and treatments are just a few of the elements that might make you more likely to develop osteoporosis. The process of repairing bones is hampered by long-term usage of oral or injectable corticosteroid drugs like prednisone and cortisone. Your chance of developing osteoporosis might be increased by unhealthy behaviours including drinking alcohol, smoking, and using cigarettes.

Rarely does bone loss show early, observable symptoms. Frequently, weak bones go unnoticed until a person breaks a hip, wrist, or another bone.

However, some symptoms, such as the following, might indicate probable bone loss:

Symptoms of late-stage osteoporosis

  • loss of height
  • fracture caused by a fall.
  • neck or back discomfort
  • hunched position or fracture.

Remember to schedule a visit with your doctor if you experience any of these signs. With the use of certain tests, they can identify osteoporosis and develop a customised treatment strategy for you.

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