What are male and female condoms?

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What are male and female condoms?

A condom is a type of contraceptive that functions by constructing a barrier and obstructing the path that sperm would follow to fertilise an egg. It also helps to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. The use of a condom can significantly lower the risk of HIV/AIDS, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and syphilis, as well as provide some prevention against genital warts and herpes.

Male and female condoms are available, and they can be constructed of latex rubber, polyurethane, or lambskin. Male condoms are more usually used. It is sometimes known as a "rubber" or "prophylactic." Condoms are 98 % effective in preventing pregnancy when used correctly, but because individuals make mistakes, they are only around 82 % effective in real use. As a result, people are encouraged to use another type of contraception in conjunction with the condom.

Male condoms

Condoms are commonly accessible at pharmacies, pharmacy stores, and health care facilities. Before wearing a condom, make sure it is not over its expiration date and it should not feel dried out. The guy should withdraw from his partner instantaneously after ejaculation, even before penis has lost its erection, while holding the latex in place to prevent leakage. He can then carefully and gently remove the condom off the penis, taking careful not to spill the fluids. Even if he does not intend to ejaculate again, the male should wash his hands and wear a fresh condom before engaging in any more sexual contact.


Female condoms

A female uses a femidom, often known as a female condom. A female condom is made out of a polyurethane sheath with flexible rings at either end. It has one open end. As it is with a male condom, it is critical to ensure that the device has not expired. The outer ring should always be placed against the vaginal wall. If it enters the vagina during intercourse, it must be adjusted so that it is outside again. After usage, gently twist and pull the condom's end to remove it, ensuring that no sperm enters the vagina. Condoms for women are less commonly accessible than condoms for men.

Important points to remember are:

  • Never reuse any form of condom, and always use a fresh one, even if it is just a few days old.
  • To safeguard the environment, never dump any sort of condom down the toilet.
  • Never use an expired condom.
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