When should I start exercising after postpartum ?

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When should I start exercising after postpartum

  Exercise may strengthen you, elevate your mood, and aid with postpartum recovery. There are many things you can do to get your body moving, even if you're exhausted and lack motivation. However, each pregnancy is unique.When you're ready to start exercising will depend on your particular condition, so always see a health professional first.

After giving birth, regular exercise will help your muscles heal from labour, strengthen and tone them, and increase your energy levels so you feel less exhausted. You could benefit from it in terms of weight loss and fitness. Exercise is beneficial for maintaining mental health. It helps lessen tension and guard against postpartum depression. Additionally, you are more inclined to go outside and socialise. Don't worry, though, about not exercising enough. It may be exhausting to take care of a baby, so you might not have the energy or time to exercise as frequently as you'd want. Make every effort; even 10 minutes are better than nothing.It's important to exercise only to the extent that you feel comfortable. Even though you feel fantastic after giving birth, your body has undergone a significant shift and requires time to heal. Physical issues brought on by labour and delivery might include back discomfort and a leaking bladder, both of which can be exacerbated worse by strenuous activity. Up to six months after the baby is born, pregnancy hormones can still impact your joints and ligaments, increasing your risk of injury.


After giving delivery, you can begin practising easy abdominal and pelvic floor exercises. You should stop if you experience any pain during the exercise. Start with a leisurely stroll when you feel like it, possibly while pushing the baby carriage. Then, progressively increase the length and speed of your walks at your own pace. Build up to daily walks of 30 minutes, if you can. Skip the pool until 7 days after the bleeding has stopped and after your postnatal checkup with the doctor or obstetrician (6 to 8 weeks after the birth).

If you want to join a group fitness programme or return to the gym, wait until your 6-week postnatal check-up. It's advised to wait until 16 weeks after the baby is delivered to resume your prior level of exercise.

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