Why do I have pubic hair?

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Why do I have pubic hair?

Pubic hair is considered gross and dirty. But who taught us that? There is always a societal pressure to be clean down there, especially for women and it came from the porn industry as they showed women all cleaned up with not a single hair on their vulva. Pubic hair is normal and we have it for a reason. A lot of women think that pubic hair is gross but everything on our body has a purpose to serve .It lessens the friction during sexual intercourse, protects your vagina from bacteria and is a sign of maturity. If your partner judges you for something natural , then you need to reconsider them, not yourself. Pubic hair is absolutely normal and the decision to let them grow, wax or shave should be your personal decision.

If you decide to remove your pubic hair then here are the top 3 easy and safe ways to get it done.

Here are few methods to remove hair down there:

1. Shaving: This is the most common and pocket-friendly method. Make sure that you change your razor after every shave. Be very gentle and make sure that you don’t end up getting a cut because then there’s a chance that you might end up getting an infection.


2. Waxing: It is the best method to get an ultra-smooth vagina. The method is very painful and your hair does grow back but it takes more time to grow up. If you choose this method make sure you get it done by a professional. 

3. Laser removal: It is an expensive and painful procedure but you remain hairless for almost a year and your hair grows back again. It requires 8 to 10 sessions. But if it’s your call, go for it.

Remember that pubic hair or armpit hair are a natural part of a woman’s body and it shouldn’t be considered gross or unhygienic. It’s your choice to remove or grow it.

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