Why is my underwear getting discoloured? How to avoid them?

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Why is my underwear getting discoloured

Have you seen any bleached stains on your underwear? Have you ever wondered if why underwear getting discoloured? Has it made you anxious? Here's why your vaginal discharge is discolouring your underwear.

The majority of you may have experienced this odd issue each time you donned dark panties. It's okay to sit back and relax if you observed discoloured patches on your underwear and initially believed anything was wrong with you. A discoloured area on your underwear indicates a healthy vagina. Natural pH levels in a healthy vagina range from 3.8 to 4.5, making it mostly acidic. That makes sense considering that when you wash it or send it to be washed, an orange patch is left behind. As long as the vagina's acidity levels are kept at their ideal levels, beneficial bacteria called lactobacilli keep the vagina healthy and prevent infection-causing bad bacteria. While you ovulate and when you are pregnant, the discharge rises. When the discharge is exposed to air, it can oxidise and leave yellow and orange stains on the underwear.

Why is my underwear getting discoloured

First off, to prevent the underwear getting discoloured, wearing pantyliners can be a way . These will act as a barrier between your vagina and your undies, preventing the direct contact of that somewhat acidic discharge with the fabric of your underwear. But remember to change the panty liner if it got moist otherwise it can cause certain infections. As an alternative to leaving your dirty underwear in your basket until the next major wash, be sure to rinse them right away after wearing them. By doing this, the bleaching agent won't remain on the cloth and have an impact. Discharge stains may be removed using cleaning products that include enzymes, like many of those spray-on stain removers. Spray the affected area, then soak it for several hours before cleaning. Yes you can do these to keep your beautiful underwear safe, but do you really need it? Well not really, why getting ashamed of a thing thats so normal?

Sometimes, it might be heartbreaking to see your faviorite undies get bleached but faded underwears are not a thing to be ashamed of. It's completely normal and healthy to have bleached undies.

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