Why Women's Health needs holistic and integrated care with today's lifestyle

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Why Women's Health needs holistic, integrated care

About 5 years ago, a trusted family doctor told Asha that she may have PCOS because she had severe period pain and sometimes had irregular periods as well. An ultrasound showed no ovarian cysts, but she gained some weight. So the doctor mentioned PCOS, and she started some basic medication for women's health. She was told to "improve her lifestyle". Asha tried whatever she could, but a career and marriage made it hard for her to do much.

She came to Gytree after several PCOS treatments, including diet and medication, did not quite work for her. Because she wanted to consult gynecologists, nutritionists, exercise coaches, and dermatologists, as counselors for her anxiety, she took the Gytree Subscription. In the very first consultation itself, the senior doctor did a detailed deep-dive into her history of symptoms.

It turned out, that there was hardly any follow-up or monitoring done after the doctor said that she "may have PCOS". She was awkward about revisiting the family doctor, so she didn't tell her that the PCOS medication gave her side effects, and she stopped taking it. Gytree ran proper tests and motivated her to maintain a record of triggers for her bloating & digestive issues, The conclusion was that she was actually suffering from endometriosis, a condition that affects 7 million Indian women but no one talks about it. 

Why Women's Health needs holistic, integrated care

Misdiagnosis, confusion around what's the proper course of treatment for different symptoms, lack of follow-up, busy lifestyles getting in the way of daily healthcare– does this sound relatable? Unfortunately, this is not just Asha's story but the story of almost all women in India. That's why, at Gytree, we built the Gytree annual Subscription, which provides holistic, integrated care for women's health. 

What is holistic and integrated care? 

It's a simple idea, which means that women's health needs not just gynecology, not just nutrition, not just counseling, but all of it together. If you are visiting a doctor and a nutritionist, their advice and treatment should be in sync. If you're visiting the gym for exercise, your trainer should know how to motivate you sustainably. If there are disruptions in your healthcare routine, there should be an ecosystem of support that gently nudges you back. If you have PCOS, period issues, gut problems, or anything else, you should not have to spend time and money on trial and error. There should be credible, science-backed treatment that does not burn a hole in your pocket. 

That's integrated care. Holistic care is delivered in the right way. Not just clinical support from the best experts but also the dose of motivation and handholding that we all need. 

Why Women's Health needs holistic, integrated care

How does the Gytree Subscription provide this?


When you take the Gytree Subscription, your journey starts with a detailed consultation with a senior doctor who will take a deep dive into your history of symptoms, She will ask you what's going on in your life, what is stressing you, what is nourishing you, and what medical questions you have had for a long time but never found clear answers to. A 30-minute consultation will guide you through your history and what small steps you can start with to gradually improve your health.

A Gytree Guide calls you after that and sets up your next set of appointments based on your convenience, with a nutritionist, exercise coach, dermat, or counselor. Together with you, keeping your convenience at the center, the Gytree Care team builds a journey of care for you. This includes small diet changes, easy at-home exercises, and more. If you lose motivation, your Care Team is there to hear you out and offer the time & space you need.

Why Women's Health needs holistic, integrated care

How does the Subscription really help with Women's Health?

It simplifies women's healthcare. Gone are the days of feeling confused and overwhelmed. The Gytree Care Team is just a message or phone call away. In just a few weeks, you will notice:

  1. A much deeper understanding of your unique symptoms
  2. Better meal planning
  3. More convenient exercises that you can actually do regularly
  4. Reduced bloating
  5. Reduced fatigue and more energy
  6. Regular, less painful periods

Most importantly, no more stress at the back of your mind "What next"? We will monitor your health completely and constantly. If something needs to change, we take care of it. 

Try the Gytree Subscription for not just better health, but for changing the way healthcare has been imagined so far. Your health goals are not unachievable or difficult. You are not alone with your symptoms. For any symptoms, just ask Gytree!

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