Sleep Schedules and Cycles: Your guide to a good sleep

One might have all the luxuries in the world but might not be content with the amount of sleep they get. Getting good sleep is almost like hitting the jackpot now.

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It is only in fairytales , that a young , beautiful woman sleeps for 24 hours straight or until she is woken up. It is almost scary how none of us get a good amount of sleep. Only as a baby , is where I remember sleep was unlimited. Do you even remember the last time you slept well? No right! An average human being is expected to get atleast 6-7 hours of undisturbed sleep but look how it almost feels impossible. Who is to be blamed here then? The corporate life or the social media. Actually no one!

Good sleep is the mantra to good health 

 We are not new to the fact that all of our lives have changed over the years. The lifestyle has taken over comfort completely and humans love to see money over health. Our experts at Gytree advice a good , prolonged rest at night to make sure that the sleep cycle stays intact. Let us now have a closer look at how sleep is the key to better health.

Good sleep looks after the performance and result of your brain. Not only this but it also reduces the risk of diseases that are caused due to lack of rest such as heart diseases , insomnia , and dementia. Although a lot of people think that sleeping means spending time laying on the bed idle , being a couch potato but it is so much more than that. It is this sleeping time , that acts as a rehab phase for your body. Even though your brain and heart don't stop working but all the other organs get a time to reset themselves. Something even more important is that , 'How would you dream if you don't sleep?' 

Cyanocobalamin: Your Brain & body Needs it
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Sleep Cycle : a daily reset game

Although a lot of people call the total time they sleep as their sleep cycle , but your sleep cycle is something much more than that. An average human being has a sleep cycle that may comprise of several rounds but only some of them matter. Let us suppose that our sleep cycle is a circular apple pie that is divided into 3 unequal portions. The biggest portion of the pie will be the part where the body is in light sleep that lasts upto 70-90 minutes , the second and the third portions are where the body is in deep sleep and a person might have dreams or even nightmares! This paret lasts the longest from 90-120 minutes. 

Sleep cycles maybe different for different people depending upon the amout of sleep they get. There is nothing like an ideal sleep cycle , but anyhting that is 6 hours and above can be called a good sleep cycle. 

women have higher levels of anxiety and more mental health challenges, such as depression, anger, loneliness, and more restless sleep. And these results are seen across many countries and different age groups.
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Sleeping fails : what causes sleepless nights

Anyone who has a disturbed sleeping routine might think that it is due to their working schedule and an imbalance in their daily routine but it is not always this. There maybe several reasons behind this , like:

  1. Any disease that may cause pain physically , like headaches , fibromyalgia , etc.
  2. Depression and anxiety 
  3. Continuous exposure to light from device screens which causes excessive strain 
  4. Insomnia
  5. Medications that might reverse the sleeping pattern.

Even though all these problems might seem little but they might cause prolonged sleeping issues and can be cured if detected earlier. 

Sleeping guide : your escape from sleeplessness

You need not worry alot about bettering you sleeping patterns because it is not as difficult as it looks. Here is how simple steps can help you resolve this issue:

  1. Setting up a fixed sleeping schedule might be of great help. Going to bed an hour or two of having your dinner makes upto a really good sleep. Go to bed and rise at the same timing everyday and look how it does wonders for you.
  2. Focus on what is in your diet. Excessive caffeine is one of the greatest reasons for untimely and disturbed sleep. Avoiding caffeine , nicotine and alcohol are the best ways of keeping a check on your sleep.
  3. The more you work physically , the more tired you get. Even if you are a corporate employee and your work only includes sitting in front of the screen for prolonged hours , make sure that you take little breaks that might tire you atleast a bit.
  4. Make sure to avoid electronic devices as soon as you lay back on your bed. Screen strain may cause dryness and itchiness in your eyes as well. Reading a book or simply resting might help.
  5. Bathing or opting for relaxation techniques are the best promoters for good sleep. 

It is not at all difficult if you look at it in a different manner. If you keep cursing your lifestyle for the way you sleep , you won't ever find a way out of your sleeping slump. For once , decide to switch off your mobiles and laptops , light up soothing candles and pull out the comfiest comforter you own and that's how easy it is to get a better sleeping schedule.

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