The CRY for THY- Thyroid diseases in women

Thyroid is one of the most rapidly growing diseases in women. This is a giant that has been taking over the health of the most important assets of country. But everything that looks like a huge problem has the easiest solution.

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Thyroid , a word that runs chills down the spines of many women. This disease that is one of those slow poisons that begins slow and ends up being a major problem as you age.Thyroid , as the name indicates is caused due to the imabalnce in the thyroid glands. Excessive imbalance is thyroid gland causes hypothyroid or hyperthyroid. 

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Thyroid and menstruation

The thyroid gland is the gland responsible for the female reproductive system. The most crucial part in the female reproductive cycle is the menstrual cycle. Excessive release of the thyroxine hormone can result in early or delayed periods. The pick or drop in the hormone can result in light or heavy periods and this phenomenon is called Amenorrhea. Not only does the hormone affect the menstrual cycle but it also hampers the ovulation period which ultimately increases the risks in the female body.


Thyroid also has a major role to play in the shift in the time of menopause. This refers to the fact that the menopause that is expected to occur in the late 50's of a female body may occurs in the age of 40 as well. Early menopause is no joke as well. It may cause irregularity or even lack of the menstrual cycle , sudden emotional outbursts and flashes , insomnia and so on. 

Adversity in pregnancy due to Thyroid

As the thyroid in a female body is harmful to the woman itself , it is equally harmful to a life growing inside the woman. Although the thyroid does not show much adverse effects during the pregnancy but it may turn the tables around and that too in a way that may take two lives as well. Thyroid , during pregnancy is responsible for one of the most harmful condition known as 'postpartum thyroiditis' which is caused due to a drop in the thyroxine hormone. This includes pre-eclampsia , misscarriage , stillbirth and bleeding after birth. This is the time when a woman is in the most sensitive and delicate phase of her life and needs to take utmost care of. This may also cause increased blood pressure and heart failure which is extremely fatal both the mom and the fetus.

Sti during pregnancy
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The calm before the storm : Symptoms of Thyroid

Like in every disease , thyroid also has visible symptoms which can be tackled with easily if detected sooner in the time being. Some of them are: 

  1. Hypothyroidism
  2. Fatigue 
  3. Chills 
  4. Constipation 
  5. Extreme pick or drop in weight
  6. Swelling on the body 
  7. Drying skin 
  8. Hair loss 

One might look healthy from outside but all these symptoms maybe creeping in them and it might be a slow indication. It thus becomes very important for all the women to keep a track of their health and keep doing regular checkups.

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Treatment and Tackling 

Our Gynacs at Gytree suggest regular health checkups and related thyroid tests to make sure that all these lives that matter the most , suffer less and find quicker solutions. Someone who finds out their battles and symptoms with thyroid at an early stage may get lucky and succeed in eradicating the disease completely.

You may have to undergo blood tests that include the testing of the TSH : thyroid stimulating hormone. One may also try imaging tests like thyroid ultrasound or nuclear medicine imaging. 


1.Hyperthyroidism can be treated with medicatins that include methimazole and propylthiouracil

2.Radioiodine therapy reduces the amount of harmful thyroxine. 

3.Beta blockers are the medicines which dont affect your thyroid but are responsible for managing the heart rate throughout. 

Thyroid is a disease that has to be carried together life long and the only skip from it is managing it consistently. But like I said, everything that sounds like a big problem often has a solution waiting and that's exactly how you tackle it. 


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