Midlife Pains? How Iron & Protein Can Help You Be a More Energetic Mom

Moms are the ultimate champions- juggling work, family, and everything in between. Joint pain, leg fatigue, and a general feeling of being "slowed down" can become unwelcome companions. This Mother's Day, let's ditch the guilt and accept this struggle.

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Moms are the ultimate champions- juggling work, family, and everything in between. But as we reach our middle years, that familiar "superhero" feeling can be replaced by a less-than-super "super ache." Joint pain, leg fatigue, midlife pains and a general feeling of being "slowed down" can become unwelcome companions.

This Mother's Day, let's ditch the guilt and acknowledge this very real struggle. Here's the science behind the aches, the role of vital nutrients like iron and protein, and most importantly, how to reclaim your active lifestyle!

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The Body in Transition


As we age, our bodies undergo a series of changes. Cartilage, the cushioning between our joints, can begin to wear and tear, leading to osteoarthritis- the most common form of arthritis. This can explain the creaking knees and achy hips that make even simple tasks feel like an uphill battle.

The Iron Struggle: Many middle-aged women also experience iron deficiency, a sneaky culprit behind fatigue and weakness. Iron carries oxygen throughout the body, and when levels are low, even the most routine activities leave us feeling drained.

The Protein: Protein isn't just for building muscle (although that's a perk). It's also essential for maintaining strong bones and tissues. As we age, our bodies become less efficient at using protein, making it even more important to include adequate amounts in our diets.

The Iron and Protein Advantage

Here's where these vital nutrients come in:

  • Iron: Iron-rich foods like lean meat, poultry, beans, and dark leafy greens can help combat fatigue and improve energy levels. For some women, iron supplements might also be recommended.

Visit the Gytree Shop to purchase our WHO- approved Iron Gummies, rich in such active Fe. These delicious iron gummies are an easy way to boost your daily iron intake by nearly 75%. Packed with essential nutrients, they'll help you feel energized, vibrant, and ready to take on the day!

  • Protein: Protein-rich sources like fish, dairy, eggs, nuts, and legumes provide the building blocks for strong muscles, bones, and connective tissues, all crucial for supporting our active lives. Protein powder can be a convenient way to boost your daily intake, but it's important to consult a doctor to determine if it's right for you. Unlike the traditional norm that only gym moms require protein, let's bust this myth today and spread the word that even homemakers require protein

Gytree’s Total Strength and Support Mango Protein Powder is the answer to all your fatigue and weakness this summer. Gytree packs 26 grams of protein per serving with essential multivitamins, minerals and superherbs. 95% of women experienced an energy boost every time they consumed Gytree’s protein. So get your’s today!

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Strategies for Active Moms

Don't let aches and pains sideline you! Here are some steps to reclaim your active lifestyle:

  • Move It (Even When It Hurts a Little): Exercise strengthens muscles, improves joint flexibility, and boosts mood- all factors that can combat aches and pains. Choose low-impact activities like swimming, walking, or yoga to keep your body moving without adding stress.
  • Listen to Your Body: Rest is key for recovery. Don't push through pain, and take breaks when you need them.
  • Strength Training Matters: Building strong muscles helps support joints and improve overall balance. Consider incorporating bodyweight exercises or light weights into your routine.
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight: Excess weight puts extra stress on joints, so maintaining a healthy weight can significantly reduce pain.
  • Talk to Your Doctor: Don't suffer in silence! A doctor can diagnose the cause of your pain and recommend appropriate treatment options. Consult our Gytree experts today if you seem to be experiencing any of the above symptoms. 

This Mother's Day, let's celebrate the amazing moms who keep the world going. But let's also prioritize their well-being. By understanding the science behind aches and pains, incorporating essential nutrients like iron and protein, and embracing movement, moms can continue to conquer their days- feeling strong, energized, and ready to take on the world! Happy Mother's Day!

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