Coffee : a boon or a bane

Although it seems that caffeine must be a part of your daily nutrition , nut excess amounts of it might damage your body . Even though it gives energy , at the same time it also takes away health.

Janhavi Bardale
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Coffee is the most active and profound source of caffeine and the amount of caffeine might range from coffee to coffee. It is a naturally found chemical that has stimulating effects on human body. The main function of caffeine is stimulating the CNS , heart , muscles and the parts that are responsible for controlling blood pressure. Hence caffeine is the most cursed for being a reasin of high blood pressure.

Coffee: Unveiling the Pros and Cons

Coffee : a luxury?

In earlier times , people with the most money were believed to be able to afford coffee , but everything changes and times takes toll over all of them. As the production of coffee was decentralized post colonial period , Indians started drinking coffee in high amounts. Now that we are talking about how coffee took over , let us also talk about how quickly it captured the market and degraded health.


Coffee is often preferred by people to reduce headaches , migraine and to enhance their athletic skills but little do they know how this giant has slowly captured the functioning of their systems. Products with high caffeine content are extremely harmful for human bodies and are best if avoided from time to time. But if the amount of caffeine content has a check , it maybe okay for a cup or two in a day. 

Advantages of coffee :

  1. caffeine is a great releiver for migraine as it improves headaches if taken along with aspirin and acetaminophen.
  2. caffeine is also known to reduce headaches caused by hypertension.
  3. it is a great energy supplement for sportpersons who may need a boost of energy during their training.
  4. like the millenials say and the gen Z agrees , caffeine is the best helper in mental alertness.
  5. it also lowers the risk of causing type 2 diabetes.

Disadvantages of coffee :

  1. caffeine might look like a stress reliever to many but it only worsens the anxiety and depression.
  2. it is extremely harmful for increased bloood sugar levels as it hampers the activity of insulin altogether.
  3. the worst caffeine has ever done to mankind is disturbing their sleep cycle but also being their favorite beverage at the same time.
  4. caffeine has proven to responsible for dehydration as it ultimately increases the frequency of urination. 
  5. it also risks the fertlity as it reduces the fibrillation activity in the fallopian tube. 

God has left us all to decide whether to choose caffeine or not , but what really matters is the quantity one consumes in a day. Excess consumption of anything has always troubled mankind and will always continue to , so make your choices wisely.

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